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  1. mtnblueskiess

    Thank you for this song.

  2. Julie Machen

    A lovely song for those with hope but mine has no known cure 💔

  3. Meg Shafer

    This is beautiful…..music it's self, heals the spirit…it is a strong healer…may you receive…many blessings for this song of hope…you have a soul!!

  4. Oso Bear

    thank you

  5. sharon newsum

    Very nice soothing song!!

  6. MoonlightvlogTv

    i wish cancer never exist if cancer didn't exist my grandmother might be still alive today 🙁 i missed her so much <3. 

  7. ramiro renovato

    Francis my Love Always Member U R Not Alone We R ln lt Wit U Pancha Always member that God Bless You And Protect u Always Baby U R My Life, My Everything, My World, U r the Rock to Our Family Stay Strong Always Baby Your Husband Ram 4 Life

  8. Jeanne Conkright

    beautiful!  thank you!

  9. Nguyễn Trang

    great meaningful message!

  10. Brenda Johnson

    Love this song…! 🙂

  11. Ross Martin

    Great song and video – thanks for sharing. It makes Greg eligible to become a Fellow of The American College of Medical Informatimusicology. No joke. Check out ACMImimi dot org and see. Other medicine/music videos there and on my channel at nitramssor. The College will promote the song, so thanks again!

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