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  1. Randy Smith

    l love the new movie

  2. Bruno Quaresma da Silva

    Avengers endgame pleaaaase!

  3. Walking Dreams

    Do "The Great Gatsby" 2013 my favorite book in High School.

  4. Ainsley Zirkle

    Hey! Mean

  5. Ayla

    Just go watch Beauty and Lord Voldemort instead.

  6. Elissa Jorski

    The 2017 remake was so much better then the original. It answered questions and theories in the first one.

  7. Jonny Tolley

    Did Emma Watson take lessons from Kristin Stewart on how to smile in the most half-ass way possible?

  8. The Doctor

    Obi want
    Iam mcclockhand

  9. The Doctor

    You do

  10. The Doctor

    Turns out they don’t
    Death I had

  11. Neo-Xgray87

    And with that…this was the last live-action Disney remake that I ever saw in theaters.

  12. Kat_in his GLASSES Babin

    Kids love the plague!

  13. Mister WiZeguy

    I think Josh Gad’s character was the best part of the movie, BECAUSE he had so much character. I ask all you countries that banned this: what the hell is wrong with a gay Disney character?

  14. Brandi Richardson

    " Diversity"? Shows 1 black man 😂

  15. Nico Lisa

    Why is Dan Stevens called Fabio?

  16. Erin Connelly

    “I’ve seen gayer things for breakfast” 😂

  17. Samantha Fisher

    Gaston was the best part of the movie 😍

  18. trainer ruby

    Your ugly ass is definetly a curse!😂

  19. rayya nadeem

    Watch "Sajni" music video instead of this reboot

  20. cubbleshasreturned

    1) oh my god! Emma Watson turned down a role in award winning la la land for this unnecessary remake that will probably be redone again in another 20 years?!?!? 2) I thought the beast was actually hotter than his human self 3) this another example of how movie franchises are running out of good ideas and are just wasting millions of dollars recycling old already done ideas to make a quick buck

  21. Jayps

    "Yay, the royal prince is back, but wait, if Gaston has a musket, then this takes place right before or after the French revolution.


    Slice! Perfect.

  22. DoomSlayer 15

    The animated original leaves you laughing and crying, but this one just leaves you crying

  23. Grace Earl

    I laughed at Rebooty and the Beast.


    Do one for Jumangi

  25. John Bont

    Please do a trailer for The Dark Crystal before the new Netflix series comes out.

  26. Akshay Zagade

    La la land won't be good if Emma Watson would ve been in it….honest opinion under honest comments of a honest trailer video.

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