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  1. Brian Lancaster

    Thanks for reviewing this mattress type 👍🏾👍🏾

  2. Robert Groll

    another one to consider…. oh my thanks for the info

  3. Hank Todys


  4. Amit Barua

    Level sleep…name goes with the performance…

  5. Dman1101

    Great review

  6. Rowan

    Sounds like it could be comfortable

  7. purrs

    I definitely need a bed for my back pain!

  8. Colin Holdgrafer

    Nice that the bed is great for all types of sleepers!

  9. Charles Black

    Sounds like a great mattress.

  10. Coleen Osmond

    I love the new updates that Level Sleep has put into their mattresses and it looks like a great option for lots of sleepers. This was a great review because i love seeing the updated versions of the mattresses. Im amazed at how mattress technology has changed so much. Great review Owen…thanks guys for all of the info

  11. H Andrews

    definitely seems like a awesome concept! thanks for showing the guts! great review

  12. Domnique Penny

    Thanks for the review! Too bad I’m a little over 250lbs.

  13. Zachary Cauley

    Nice review, sounds like a great bed.

  14. Between Myself and Others

    That top layer probably makes a world of difference. I like the redesign too and might peak under the sheets at it occasionally just to admire it

  15. K Adler

    Just when I thought all the possible mattresses were covered, a new one to me is reviewed. It amazes me how many manufacturers there are for these mattresses. Pretty good motion demo. Good review 👍🏼

  16. Frenchy

    Looks like a very nice bed. As someone in the market for a new mattress, your videos have been a blessing!

  17. Joshua Guzman

    What an interesting mattress! Thank you for introducing this to me!

  18. goodec323

    Thank you for the review. Looks like great bed .

  19. Tmslogig

    I like this bed a lot especially with the zoned support. Back pain suffers like myself may find the relief they’re looking for. This sounds like a great bed 🛏 for myself! The trial period is fantastic with this company too. 👍🏾

  20. Kristy Turner

    This sounds like a great bed, wouldn't work for us due to not being a couple and plus size.

  21. wendy thao

    The cover looks alot like leesa! Their policy is geared toward costumers which is always a plus.

  22. Christena Munro

    Wooow ok this bed sounds like everything I’m looking for! Part of me wishes it had some coils but still sounds amazing, love anything catered for backs!

  23. 713_cjw_218

    Year-long, in-home try out, and Forever Warranty sounds good.

  24. Alexandra Garbeck

    Sounds like they’ve listened to customers. I had to return v1 immediately because it actually threw out my back. Hoping this is more comfortable!

  25. Seth Karim

    The new upgrade sounds like a big improvement. I always like mattresses with zoned support, i think more beds should start using it. Great review👍

  26. rm

    Looks very interesting. I will be checking it out in greater detail and hope it would benefit my bad back.

  27. Kianu Isaacs

    I like the idea of level sleep

  28. Richard Fusaro

    You guys are doing a really good job at informing us on all these brands

  29. Michael Niederer

    Bringing sleep to a whole new level 😎😏…


  30. Sean Flynn

    It is great they thought through the different areas of support, my shoulders have a lot of pressure though out the night, this may help. Thank you!

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