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  1. Robin Weidner

    This is a new brand to me. I like that it has mixed levels of foam. I like that its soft in the shoulder area. This seems like a good choice for side sleeper. Thanks for showing me this bed. I may have to look into this one a bit more.

  2. Brandon Bynum

    I like the idea of "zoned support" in this mattress. I also like that this mattress doesn't have the sinking feeling that causes ppl to get the stuck feeling. Edge support is one of the things I really need and I've been scared about getting an all foam mattress for that reason but this mattress might offer enough. I'd have to test it out though.

  3. rm

    Not sure any all foam mattress works for my back or provides enough comfort as I tend to get hot on all foam mattresses. I do like your reviews, especially with the 3 body types being used on each test.

  4. Matt Romeo

    The 365 day trial and life warranty is definitely a huge plus. I've heard Nectar mattresses are great for back pain as well. How does the Level Sleep compare to Nectar?

  5. l pittmon

    I’ve never heard of this mattress. Thanks for video!

  6. Lisa Hayes

    Level sleep first hearing of this one, as I greatly appreciate the reviews, can say this one would not work for our home, my experience all foam is too hot unfortunately..ty

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