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  1. मायो जापान Mayo Japan

    क्यों जापानी लड़की हिंदी सीखी? क्यों है भारत से प्यार? Why did I study Hindi?Why I love India?

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  2. praveen yadav

    Moyo you looking without makeup very cute amd specially your chicks

    Keep it up




  4. Samraat Bhutani

    You are beautiful

  5. Hollow Ajay

    muze to sirf hair style ka farak dikha.

  6. Naveen Kumar

    Your makeup even don't look fake atall its looking natural ✨🌼

  7. mehendiart_by_nabanita nabanita

    Lots of love from India 😊🤗🤗😘😘😘

  8. Red Baron

    The background music is the best. Mayo is right make up is pure waste of time Mayo is beautiful naturally

  9. Pubg gameplay

    マヨさんは きれい です

  10. k gaur

    Aap ko mekup ki jarurat nhi he .

  11. Konkona Bagchi

    Without makeup she was so sweet and adorable especially with the band l loved it. I prefer Mayo to look natural without make up rather with makeup. Being a woman I am saying she was looking just "beautiful"….. 🥰🥰🥰😳

  12. Khushi Bhatt

    Aapko mekup ki need hi nahi hai you are so beautiful without mekup

  13. Nasim Aktar Chaudhury

    Mayo….u look beautiful without makeup as well as all the Japanese girls look good without makeup….and u are a great inspiration to me….I love Japan….
    Lots of love from Assam❤❤

  14. DIBYAJYOTI Hazarika

    So funny 😂🤣🤣🤣

  15. Sakura J

    What do you think about Karmachakra the indian anime….I'm so sad man…when I got this video recommended, I just wanted to share my opinion about the title in the comments because it says "Indian anime". I was happy that they made animation like anime but also my first impression was it should not be indian anime and rather indian animation…because anime itself means Japanese animation so I comment on the video that title was inappropriate but some idiots thought that I am not trying to credit Japanese culture by removing the word anime because the animation has art style like anime and we should credit them. But shouldn't the title rather be "Indian animation inspired from anime"?Just because it was long doesn't mean that they should avoid it. See how by choosing wrong title people is misunderstood and their mind is tortured 😢

  16. Debendra Padhi

    Chadra or channel

  17. vinal mishra

    Bahut badiya video hai 👌👌👌👌

  18. Chetan Gondalia

    😀 here she come… the Japani-Baby Doll

  19. Iritu Islam

    Hii mayo. You're so cute🥰🥰🥰😍

  20. Nikhil Kotian

    Mayo maina japan k baut sa horror movie dekha ha

  21. Dj Udhy

    Mayo……..I hate u🥰🥰

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