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  1. Kerberos Lavorosk

    Hi would you please help out typing down the steps of your fasting for asthma I want to try it out ! It would be a great favour many thanks and gratitude!

  2. Joseph Micheal

    Amazing, I'm going to order this book. I have had severe asthma for my entire life. Liked and subscribed. Wish me luck :D…where did the book come from btw haha

  3. Rashi Vashishth

    India has been the best place for medicine and hearbs..
    Indian yoga and fish medicine hyderabad (india) are the only ways to kill asthama for ever

  4. Suzi Lindblad

    I am so desperate to rid myself of asthma and a broken immune system. Thank you for this information and God bless♡

  5. taral -

    Any medication will not help you.
    Look for alternatives.
    Have an experienced chiropractor look at the nerve supply if it's been compromised.

  6. brendon McCullum

    16% body fat is pretty low man wtf

  7. Moses Nemo

    I have felt like asthma is strongly related to insulin for a long period of time. Everytime I have a junkfood binge, specifically high on glucose, my asthma is the first thing to flare up. This would explain why IF helped with asthma as it reduces daily spikes in insulin. Great video bro, good info.

  8. Jenn Svoboda

    Thank you

  9. cam r

    What did you used to flush

  10. I massage

    I got it after cold air went into my lungs. Got a bad bacteria. Then asthma started. ;(
    So break it down some.to long to watch.

  11. wilda bezet

    I have been told that I have asthma. Even though I seem to have asthma symptoms at times, I wonder if that is what I really have. I am a lifelong allergy sufferer including many sinus infections and chest congestion that will not clear up on its own. Does this sound like asthma? A cough that won’t go away and congestion that will not clear up by itself? I try to fight it off but when months go by , I am forced to go to the doctor.
    Interesting video. Is the liver and gallbladder cleanse difficult to do? It does not sound pleasant. Thank you.

  12. Mehrunnisa Khan

    Thank you,you are spot on. Mehrunnisa. 👍🏼🙏🏽❤️💙💜💛💝💕💞🎆😊

  13. Richard Uy

    Thank you. I know now what to do

  14. Arif Masood

    I want to share that I too had bronchial asthma god forbid me if I lie, I am here not to refer some dick or harry I am here just to help the people like me who have suffered or suffering. i still don't believe that I got completely CURED OMG TRUST ME 101% I AM OUT OF IT WITHOUT EVEN A SINGLE SIGN FROM THE PHANTOM DISEASE and the credit goes to a doc from hyderabad and he is Dr.Qureshi, the medicine which he gives is herbal powder to be used mixed with honey and a green powder to be boiled in a cup of water both taken before and after food.
    Anyone wish to get treated can get in touch with him his contact details I am sharing.

    Dr. Waseem Quereshi +91-9000222404
    Hyderabad. INDIA.

  15. Maria Francisco

    How beautiful. Thanks

  16. Sadia Warsame

    I wish I was never born with asthma.
    So I can do gymnastic outside in the cold.

  17. Sadia Warsame

    You only use it4 times if you do it above like 5 something will happend I have asthma. 🙁


    I'm living with asthma


    I’ve had asthma for 65 years and tried lots of medications. I settled on serevent one puff a day and been doing it 30 years now with good results visit arnzen garden to see that I have figured it out for me and hope those with asthma have similar results

  20. Abhijit

    The same story. Only in my life it was Running.

  21. Orchid Homedeco

    He looks Richard Gear

  22. Steph Bugg

    Long winded…. Geez? I want the point.

  23. Tony Brown

    Thank you,, Gavin, for your health information.

  24. That Way

    Respect man🙏❤️

  25. rosemariah cube

    Sometimes parents negligence Thats why when you born doctor would prescribed vitamin D because the baby needs vitamin D or sun exposure I remember in philippines baby always has tiki tiki a baby vitamins and l am greatful with thats l was taling that vitamin til l think l was 6 as daily vitamins

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