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  1. Dianna Perkins

    It was not giving up sushi?

  2. marlene guth

    Thanks, 🤗

  3. Kids books read aloud By Shirley

    Happy thanksgiving❣️🍁

  4. Ted Rechel

    Thanks for turning up the volume. I fast once a week for about 20 hours, it’s good for your intestines. It helps keep them cleaned out. I have been doing this for about 3 months, and lost about 20lbs.

  5. L. Patrick

    Great tips:thanks for sharing!

  6. Ali Mo

    for me keto is great without never feeling hungry 20kg down and maintaining for over a year

  7. Lauri

    I'm short 5' and have gotten up to 140 it's horrible. Need to work on it!! Thank you for your videos!! You may be able to get cash for the gold!! One of those pawn shop type places..maybe? Have a great day 💛✨

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