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  1. michael koeller

    Omg I just found a stretch that works for my damn stupid butt/hip! I've had problems with cramps in both my hips ( 7wow.cc/we51 ) for years. I remember being 14 , sitting up on horses and my hip cramped up almost every time. I did some kind of twist thing that relieved it then and there but never really tried to solve the problem. But now here i am seven years later and have had knee problem for four months due to muscle imbalance. But that last stretch took in the right place and hopefully that + foam rolling will solve the problem over time

  2. Werwe Werr

    Roger, stretch 1, 2, and 3 can be combined. You're not putting enough emphasis on the abductors. You're also forgetting to breathe in to the diaphragm.

    Stand wide, legs straight, breathe slow and deep, do hip rotations at a very slow speed. Thank me later.

  3. Aziz

    hi, thanx for sharing your experience with us, However this stretch where u bend your back forward is not suitable for people who have problem with bulging disc and specifically posterior bulge. by doing this the disc will get even worse. so please anybody who has posterior bulge DO NOT do this, you can see a video by Elliot Hulse explaining what type of bulge you have and what exercise you must do and dont " How To Workout With Back Pain, Bulging Disk / Herniated Disk" thank you 

  4. EmoO Dangzer

    yep i agree. you can make your workout sessions much more productive if your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly. And The surprising part is my friend who is not doing much excercises, maintaining his six pack with this secret food items. if you are serious go for it now bit.ly/162dkr4?=kucbt

  5. Joshua Panton

    Don't lock you're knees when touching or stretching for your toes? I've never heard that before. Not saying it's wrong just surprising so many instructors never mentioned that.

  6. Adrian E.

    Felt like an idiot when I started but the oohs and ahhhs took over. Thanks.

  7. Adrian E.

    I just did these stretches and the toe grab and rock was awesome. Felt like someone was walking on my back, just what I needed

  8. Jim Doe

    one more thing i am able to pick up heavy object which i recently return doing last month after my back pains i still take it easy i take baby steps in how heavy the items are but i cannot wait to pick up my air conditioner so i can put it in my window during the summer i like picking up heavy things but i will prepare my back for heavier things such as the AC i may not quite be ready for that but i will get there i am sure of it talk to you soon take care

  9. Jim Doe

    so far my back has been doing better than the last time which is about 2 months ago i am still not out of the woods yet i still feel some back pain from time to time but not as bad as before thanks to your video which gave me hope last week i was able to complete a 2-3 walk which is something i have not done in about 7 months i always afraid my bad back would give out but my back cooperated with me also i am able to stand in long lines again which i was unable to do due to back pain

  10. Jim Doe

    This is probably my favorite video of your series I am very optimistic I will either eliminate or greatly reduce my lower back pain in a few monthd by mid May of this year I want this pain nearly gone I can live with my back being 98 or 99 % I enjoy your videos because they are simple realistic and helpful they are cheerful too I watch them if I am having a bad day thanks a lot

  11. Payton

    Lol only 250$ dollars

  12. Bill Blinky

    I'm currently doing 3 simple exercises from my physiotherapist to help with lower back pain, tight hamstring & quads that play-up. He is targeting the hip flexors with the exercises & I'm reluctant to vary from them too much until I see him again. However I like the look of the stretches that you are doing & will try to get to your video 1 (if I can locate it).

  13. VoO

    old people

  14. Shane Stephens

    I believe he is breifly going over it not "stretching".

  15. Ravent69

    Actually, those are great for your back. It depends on whether your back problem is caused by an anterior pelvic tilt, or a posterior pelvic tilt. For the average person, it's caused by an anterior pelvic tilt, causing what I like to call "ghetto booty", where the lower back arches, and puts pressure on the sacro-iliac joint. Flexion of the lumbar spine helps stretch the QL and Erector muscles, and correct an anterior pelvic tilt.

  16. Dudeslove

    your flexing your spine. Those two exercises you showed first, and some of the worst for your back!

  17. Kenneth Guiton

    I can't even do the first stretch my back is so sore 🙁

  18. Langfuhr

    Who stretches in jeans?

  19. Brad Ross

    Even though these aren't making the pain go away, it still feels good. How long should it take before the pain is gone

  20. marinababic

    Also, make sure while you are doing the exercises on the floor, that your back is pressed against the ground – there shouldn't be a "whole" between your lumbar back and floor. Notice that you can have this position also by sightly lifting your head.

  21. Constantine Laing

    thanks for posting this Some people are just rude

  22. Giodalle

    thanks i needed it

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