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  1. AlishaMarie

    Don't ever forget you are beautiful NO MATTER what size you are…I came to a point where I realized I wasn't taking care of myself in anyway whether that was mentally, physically, or emotionally. Again, I don't want this to be a "how to lose weight tutorial" because this is just my own personal fitness journey that I wanted to share. A number on a scale doesn't define who you are. <33

  2. rhoda

    We stan🖤

  3. Blakley OBrien

    im so frustrated bc i am so unhappy with my body but nothing i do works. which is probably caused by the fact that i haven’t really stopped growing yet which makes it really difficult too. ugh! thank you for sharing your story 💕💕

  4. Zoey Robertson

    Would love to see a what I eat in a day/week video!!

  5. Isabelle Siva

    Make a what I eat in a day vid plz!!

  6. Meg P

    Alisha i have been watching you since 2014. I am so proud! PLEASE do some nore fitness/health videos!

  7. Kaat Verheyen

    Please show us wat you eat in a day!! Maybe you can show it daily in your vlogs like a second or so! I am also on a weightloss journey cuz college has been not that good for me 😆

  8. Julia Tingey

    workout routine???!!! please!!

  9. victoria szuppin

    hey alisha i have a question.. i want to try out the app you mentioned and it is asking me about my height in metres and centimetres. It‘s 1.63m but i don‘t know what to write for cm because it is asking me for feet and inches and nothing works, it constantly says „feet should be integer“
    please help ☹️☹️ ps loved you video, I‘m happy for you ❤️

  10. Angel Love

    Oh snap

  11. Anna Stamoulas

    I am actually FUCKING MOTIVATED NOW TO LOSE WEIGHT NOW!! 🙂 thanks Alisha❤️u probs will change my life. Ur an inspiration💗💗

  12. Josie Johnson

    You go girl! What an amazing journey. Thank you for being such an inspiration. Like, goals!

  13. lara

    “not a doctor”


  14. Susi E

    Queen 👑 I love you

  15. Taleea Noronha

    Health and fitness video!!!

  16. Emily Maciel

    So inspirational!!!

  17. Alexandra Kolacz

    Girl you look sooo good!!! Keep going at it and living your best life!!!

  18. Lauren E

    Does anyone know where the pale blue top she’s wearing in the second half is from?

  19. Paola Bolaños

    Queen yo!! Workout routine plis lida 🤷‍♀️

  20. Priscilla Bentum

    Oh snap

  21. Kerigen Hoffman

    Why is this exactly how I feel now? Her trying to be healthy reminds me so much about how I think. I finish my food and I felt bad about it after because I feel like I just failed myself of being healthy. I love you!!❤️😘💕

  22. vsco aesthetics

    alisha im so proud of you !! i love you sm and your my inspiration since 2014 !!! gosh you did so good you are inspiring me 💖💖💖

  23. Jamie Swan

    Yes pls do a what you eat in a day! ilysm and this video helped me so much 🙂

  24. Malea Whitehurst


  25. Edith Galarza

    Omg yes plz make a vid of your meals!! Love u and I’m so proud of you babygirl💓😌

  26. Brody Rhodes


  27. Claudia Johnson

    Oh snap

  28. •alandra•

    You look good Alisha 🤗

  29. Shannen Santonja

    Oh snap

  30. Annie W.

    oh snap! ilysm!!! <3

  31. Ashley Vazquez

    Hi Alisha my name is Ashley and I'm 13 years old. I am overweight and don't know what I can eat and what I can't. Can you make a video on what I can eat to lose weight.

  32. Faith Kappel

    Oh snap

  33. Margaret Maki

    You look amazing you got abbbsssd

  34. Darcy Jayne

    "I used to hate myself for finishing my plate, cause I felt like I ate sooo much food" … girl I feel that!!!

  35. Sabrina Calisi,

    I like how you said people skipped because you were talking so much but you were not and I skipped nothing ❤️❤️❤️

  36. chelsea grace

    oh snap, so proud of you lida 💙

  37. Itz_Lily 1th


  38. ljwjsl2011

    Videos of what you eat in a day. And gluten free meal ideas. Please. 💙

  39. I love Pumpkin

    Never will believe what you tuber said!

  40. I love Pumpkin

    Okay! When she said she bought the snack just for the view to see! She didn’t eat the snacks! You are a faker!

  41. BrainyCreativity

    You look UH-MAZING!!! So INSPIRING 😍❤️

  42. Hannah Ryan

    workout routine!!

  43. Mikayla Leigh

    Oh snap

  44. Swarna Hembrom

    I love you alisha😘😍😍

  45. haley h

    oh snap

  46. Swarna Hembrom

    Please make a video on what you eat in a day

  47. Swarna Hembrom

    All macbabies😘😘😘

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