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  1. Jenn Im

    Here are 10 tips that I've incorporated into my life to maintain a healthier lifestyle!

  2. Phoenix hunter

    I lost 50 pounds in summer by just Starving myself

  3. Anastasia Gutnova

    so it’s years later and there still isn’t an in depth strength work out video you’ve promised in this video.. kind of showed that you aren’t actually using the app you were paid to promote, you probably just work out with a personal trainer

  4. souayeh nadia

    Why the title is in French

  5. Satine Luso

    U look gorgeous

  6. jessica ceja

    More exercising videos please. It’s literally motivating me

  7. Cristina Lee

    This is actually the only helpful video I’ve seen on weight loss, Thank you!

  8. Shrey Le bean

    Me: clicks on video because I see title
    Jen : it took one year to lose the weight
    Me : *0 patience * nope

    Jk I know it’s healthy

  9. Smitty's Daughter

    Wow….120 pounds is crazy AND IS NOT HEAVY…why🤔 ???is all l can say???

  10. netaneal mentesh

    Who get help of this movie??

  11. Elena MATI

    Thank you for the tips. You are so beautiful and kind, I love you!

    P. S. Do you watch FRIENDS series? I love them

  12. Girlie K

    how tall is she???

  13. baby bratty minpha

    Hara hachi bu is the word for 80%full

  14. Hanfu

    Thank you

  15. 567ohyeah

    How tall are you?

  16. No more destroy papa

    Thanks love you

  17. De Marguerite

    Guys, i've tried these tips, and its really works well on me, i am 22 years old & 176cm (5' 9 feet), i've been dieting since 14th July 2019 and i lost 9kg from 75kg to 66kg in less than 2 months. I want my old weight back in my high school which is 60kg. I want to get this weight back before my graduation day on October. So the 10th tips really motivated me to lose my weight. Thank you for you video love💖💖💖😭😭😭

  18. Amber White

    You lost 15 pounds in a year 😳 sis I lost 15 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks.

  19. Sandra Isaksson

    The sweetspot has a name in swedish to. "lagom" 😉

  20. MzlleBRT

    How tall are you ?

  21. 9barracudas

    What I appreciated is when you said that 120 showed on your frame. Because I am asian too and 5 feet tall and although I am 119 pounds which I think is below average for woman. It shows on my frame that I am soft, not toned and I look overweight.

  22. Ariana Montoya

    Her: my heaviest was 120 me: 129 😅☹️

  23. Very nice video 🙂

  24. Howard Johnson

    Good lord. Only 15 lbs in a year?????? I can lose that in a few weeks lol.

  25. dge

    Just found out about ur channel and i think the way you speak is really calming & natural! You were meant to be on YouTube, girl! Subscribed 💕

  26. Obese Whale

    These tips were so helpful, I feel motivated to eat healthier now, thanks! <3

  27. Andrea R

    I’m at this stage of my life where I just want to improve the way I look and feel about my body but I feel like it’s never ending. I know I’m on the skinnier side but my weight and my skin are some of the few things I’m in control of when it comes to my looks. I don’t know if I’m losing weight for the wrong reasons and I’m not sure if my goal weight is unreasonable and unsustainable 😔

  28. Virginia youtubeuse

    Thanks you for sharing

  29. Nica Valerie Yap

    I love your hair ❤️. What color did you used?

  30. Chloé Luisa


  31. Supitcha Nateprapit

    Super video!!! You inspired me a tonnnnnnnnnnn. Thx:)

  32. Tae Kook

    i weight 124 and i wanna weight like 105 or 110

  33. Sakshi Verma

    Thank You.

  34. Sakshi Verma

    Thank You.

  35. Stay Awesome Comedian

    very realistic guide to a healthy and my 2 tips would be drink one glass of water before each meal, and try avoid drinking cold drinks after a meal because it can slow down the metabolism

  36. Emily Arena

    So irrelevant but where are your bookcases from? Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  37. Claire Bridges

    I was eating while I was watching this video and immediately set down my snack.

  38. Betül Yıldız

    You look like the Asian version of Jade from Little Mix 🙂

  39. Rada Cat

    How old are You? 22??

  40. Mimansha

    You speak just like my friend!

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