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  1. Nataleigh Dhillon

    I need your motivation babe iv just moved house now my weight just getting higher now I'm moved in I'm definitely getting my ass in gear xx

  2. Georgina Reilly

    Incredible I honestly have no words the difference in u ❤️

  3. Jas Xx

    Congrats babe, you look incredible! You should be so proud of yourself! Definitely given me the kick up the ass that I needed! Xx

  4. Lauren Costello

    Congratulations hun! This is amazing! You should be so proud, you look amazing!xx

  5. Sophie Line

    I've just hit the 2 stone loss mark and you've inspired me so much to keep going!

  6. Bryony Reed

    Congratulations. You’ve done so well! Your mind set has completely changed! It’s amazing xxx

  7. vivalashona

    Firstly congrats on hitting five stone last week!! that is major! Ok back to watching your video haha

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