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  1. Marty Jewell

    In september 2016 I weighed 327 pounds. My doctor said I better do SOMETHING. Sooooo, I cut out soda, alcohol, bread, deserts (cake, cookies, icecream) and junk food snacks. I'm handicapped so exercising is not practical. I do walk as much as possible. By summer of 2018 I had lost 84 pounds. At a bit over 240 pounds I ain't exactly svelte. I'd like to drop another 40 pounds but it's slow going. I still enjoy wine (in moderation) but no beer. If you are overweight by 50 pounds or more, you CAN lose it. Believe me it ain't easy. Funny I don't miss eating the crap food. I am almost 69 years old. Go figure, my wife has never weighed more than 105 pounds and at nearly 64 she still looks good in a swimsuit. Life ain't fair!

  2. Pilgrim Carolee

    I can not tell you how dissappointed I am to learn you are charging people to learn how You lost your eeight!!! Do you know you are the only one I have found who is doing that! Alot of people are sharing their weight lost ideas from changing to a Vegan way of
    Eating. Iam really disappointed
    In you! So many are struggling
    And can not afford your high price information! Shame on
    You. I always thought you were
    So kind but your more money

  3. Carol Salas

    WOW U LOOK great u indeed look more prettier
    I want ur best weight plan how u did it

  4. Cruzn vso

    Wow, amazing…

  5. Life Is Good

    What makes Anya unique is the fact that she has maintained a healthy weight and lifestyle for six years whereas many Vegans fall off the band wagon eventually. The weight loss course on offer may be of value to newbies to a Vegan lifestyle. However, many Vegans have already provided extensive Vegan information on Youtube, written books, created meal plans etc readily available online etc.

  6. Jeanie Morgan-Kavanaugh

    Anja, l found your channel only weeks after myself and my husband became vegan, and we were oil free almost from the start. In 17 months l have dropped FOUR dress sizes! We eat way more food now than we ever did before. This lifestyle is amazing.

  7. Cathy Lynn Pietranton

    Congratulations on your weight loss I personally know how hard it is

  8. JuztMeMe

    How wonderful! How much weight do you think one could lose by doing the 7 day kickstart diet?

  9. Dee H

    missing your videos, will you be returning to making regular scheduled videos again?

  10. Michael Martinussen

    Very relevant 🙂 Keep it up!

  11. SNAP Vegan

    Bad Link

  12. tomi tomi

    wow you were huge!

  13. Mary G

    Your story is very moving. Thank you for sharing, and all the recipes and tips too.

  14. Brenda Abruzzese

    Hi Anya, just found your channel trying to lose 20lbs .I'm thinking of trying your plan, I have been vegan for 3 yrs. I just need help with a plan. Do you feel this will help? Thank you so much, I'm also going to buy your cookbook, are they the recipes you used to lose weight? So happy to have found your channel🤗

  15. Life Mix

    I started watching your videos when you were at 30,000 subbies, my how you have grown! That's awesome lady! You help a lot of people! Thanks for sharing all your recipes!

  16. DreamingTata VeganMama

    Great program, congratulations! I tried many times to check it out but your website won’t turn up. I clicked from here and also from Instagram but couldn’t get it to open including the link to recipes. Maybe the site is down, I’ll try again soon 🙂

  17. RonPaulgirls


  18. eric jones

    I've missed your Videos

  19. mabr82

    Wow, what a transformation. Well done.

  20. Ruby Badilla

    69th liker 👅👄👅

  21. Mary Langham

    Hi Anya!
    I'm a pretty new subscriber of just a few months, and am a senior citizen, on a limited income. A few years back I joined the Seventh Day Adventist church, they are plant based, as is in the bible as the healthiest way to eat. I have lost over 100#s. I was morbidly obese. SDA have the LomaLinda hospital in California where they try to teach plant based eating to heart attack patients and stroke patients, and just really explain how a healthy lifestyle can do everything for prevention of these diseases!
    Anyway I enjoy your recipes because they are simple and inexpensive. I would love to be able to get your new teachings but alas, cannot afford it. Thank you again!

  22. Ayngaree Raj

    Hi Anya, it always been pleasure to watch ur new video. Thank you so
    Much for sharing. Totally excited for ur new program.

  23. DOREI

    You're amazing! ❤
    Your plant based recipe's have changed my life so much and they made me want to try cook and learn more things! Thank you for being you 😊

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