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  1. Abigial Hayes :P

    love you miriam, so helpful❤️ just wondering, how did you deal with hunger? x

  2. Micheline Barbie doll

    I love your accent from Australia 🇦🇺

  3. Sarah Devon

    Really needed this video this week Miriam!! Thank you soooo much 💕

  4. Coco Amande

    You saying life is so precious and do not miss out is the best advice ever 💕💕

  5. Stella Jade

    such a great video gal <3 love you!

  6. Emma McLoughlin

    Please do what you eat in a day!

  7. Meadhbh holmes

    Im on my holidays now and I really feel conscious about my body I can’t wait to get home and exercise and lose te weight

  8. Ava Dempsey

    What i eat in a day x

  9. Jen Murray

    Hey Miriam! Great video! Really beneficial and inspirational! Makes me WAna get my life together haha

  10. Brid Doyle

    So inspirational gurl xxx please do a what I eat in a day video 😁

  11. Stephanie M

    Hi Miriam! Just wanted to say that I think you are a great person, so honest with yourself and with your followers. I love how much care you take in making sure that the influence you have on your young audience is positive.. I personally take inspiration from your focus on being happy, your ability to just do you and your determination to do what you want to do despite small people who try to make you feel less than perfect! Honestly keep it up, wishing you the best with your move! Also would love to hear more about your college experience if at all possible 🏡 – 22 year old fan from Tipp x

  12. Zoe Mccarthy

    I'm so proud x well done

  13. Maeve Kinsella

    This is how many people who want to see a what I eat in a day video 👇🏻❤️

  14. paulina paulina

    You go girl!! U look stronger than ever !! So so beautiful

  15. Team Bethany

    Has girl slay

  16. Erika Forrestal

    Brilliant video really inspired me to get back to the gym! x

  17. Evie Weller

    Fair play xx

  18. Katie xox

    So inspirational

  19. Lorraine Mullins

    hi miriam 🤚

  20. Maggie O'Connor

    Fair play to you girl!! Defo do a gym routine xx

  21. Holly Keenan

    Such an amazing video Miriam love you, i was inspired to start my own channel because of you I’m obsessed 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  22. Miriam Mullins

    Thank you so much for watching this video guys ! I was kinda scared to post it but i hope it helps some people out <3 xx

  23. Preston ASMR

    So proud🥰your such an inspiration and I thank you greatly❣️

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