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  1. Becca Isajewicz

    I’m so glad YouTube randomly popped you into my suggested feed! Most female “fitness influencers” have that irritating selling you something personality, have always been thin or clearly have cosmetic surgery with no real advice and you’re the first one I’ve come across that’s actually relatable and helpful! I’ve always struggled with body image issues, chronic pain, depression and after 3 kids I’m 30 lbs overweight and have no clue what to do so I love your advice and your weight loss video was truly inspirational!

  2. Luna Morvran

    I started again after giving up a few months ago. I wish I had fought harder to keep going. I am inspired by your success.

  3. Angela Vaccarelli

    Thank you for your help 😊

  4. Audrey Nicoletti

    13 minutes. You still didnt say how.

  5. karla torres

    New subscriber trying to loose 5 pounds since 5 months ago and I can't 😣
    I need to be motivated
    thanks for the videos
    back to the gym after 6 years!
    I can do it 😁👍

  6. Katie Mcfarling

    I only have about 50lbs to lose but your still so inspiring no matter much or how little weight anyone has to lose I think they should follow you!

  7. Tammy Imel

    Can you please tell us some of the people you followed on YouTube along your journey?

  8. Veronica Silva

    So glad I found this video. Today is day one for me on weight watchers …. my sister told me the same about exercising in the beginning just 30 mins walk is great

  9. LifeOfDe NicOlee

    Can you do a video on the foods you give your toddler? Because I have a 2 year old I want him to eat healthier but I don’t want to pull everything I’ve been giving him for so long away😩😩 he’s a child so that’s 10x harder lol

  10. Sara_ Bee35

    I’ve been struggling so badly… I needed this video

  11. Shrinky Dinky

    You are seriously so inspiring. I don't even know you and I'm just so proud of you. Losing the weight and making the commitment is not easy but you did it and that's amazing. I'm literally so excited to try your combo bowl and your salad. I'm also interested to try you 2 shots of espresso and bottle of premier protein coffee drink. I think next week for me will be "felicia week" and I'll incorporate those 3 things (and your stroganoff recipe, OMG so good) and see what that does for me. Thanks for being so open with us and sharing your journey. You're doing AMAZING.

  12. Sandy Butler

    What a great video Felicia! I wish I had that when I first started. What an inspiration you are!

  13. jenferlyn84

    I bought a thing of 12 cup cakes. Started WW 2 weeks ago. I do well until dinner…

  14. Summer Wright

    Im stationed at camp Pendleton to!!

  15. Vicky RNBishop98

    This video is so inspiring as I'm doing this to lose 20-30lb (2 dress sizes) that's my goal.. But when your dog walked in I focused on the dog! SO CUTE !!!

  16. Frankie’s Mom

    I feel like a soda-holic….. instead of an alcoholic. It is so hard not to drink it.

  17. laana esquibel

    Try out our amazing happy coffee 🤗 https://elevacity.com/Laana

  18. Cas

    I’m 15 , 5’6 and I was 220lbs a month and a half back, I’m now 202 I feel so much better but I’m not done yet 🙂 also I’ve became a vegetarian !


    I came for a slideshow transformation but too much talking algds.

  20. Eureka

    I'm 5'8, my weight is 152lbs, and my goal is 100lbs.

  21. Cotton candy Vlog

    I love ur result did u do anything to get rid of hanging belly that os my strighle after csection and twins ❤️

  22. bookin01

    Love your recipe videos! <3

  23. VCColey

    Awesome video.

  24. lynn kavanagh

    Barry Hughs, it was your. comment about how many times you've joined WW.
    that made me laugh! I'm the same boat too! I love the way you expressed that. It helps, me anyway to have some humor about it, if I allowed myself to be super serious, I would have a really hard time. Amand, you are incredible, so honest, so.willing to share, it is so helpful to see the path that you paved, it makes it really helpful for me & others too I'm sure!!!

  25. FT SONU


  26. Gnem Shy

    You close many times your eyes… Maybe you have a problem with your eyes or it's just cause about your fake eyelashes? Anyway, thanks for your share, you are a very good example for all fat woman in the world! I always said it, all fat woman can be pretty like you!

  27. Jessica williams

    Yay I just found your channel and I love it already ! Like girl in my mind we’re best friends lol

  28. Brianna Bodin

    You’re an angel. Using your story to help motivate others to better themselves. True inspiration. ❤️

  29. Iranian playlist Mir

    I can’t afford to go to WW, what do you eat ?

  30. Megan Esposito

    I’m back on ww for the 4th or 5th time. I’m in my first week and the mental struggle has been so hard. I’ve been eating badly. I just found your channel last night and LOVE it!!! This video helped so much. Thank you!

  31. Keitaba Kaba

    Can you lose weight drinking lemon? 🙂 with water?

  32. Jackie Lambe

    John's channel?

  33. Irene A

    Yes so true! Time is not going to stop the weight will continue to go up

  34. 83prettyblack

    So proud of you,and thank you for sharing

  35. ROSE BUD

    What are your thoughts on keto?

  36. Quin

    Which WW program did you loose your weight on?
    Good job! Motivating ❤️

  37. Patti Alfonso

    I watch this video over and over in times like this. You are the BEST!!!! I hope to sit in a chair one day and preach exactly what you are preaching. Keep doing you girl 🙂

  38. Aj K

    This is so motivational! I just started today with my journey, at my heaviest now (230pounds) I weigh more then I did when I was pregnant the second time! My stomach abs are actually ruptured after having 2 baby's in 3 years, so I started with swimming, to get the rupture down before I can do fitness/running/lifting. Thanks for this video!

  39. Louisa Rivera

    hi.. m body is currently like the way yours use to be.. and im only 20 years old.. i was wondering what excercises you did to help you lose the weight.. mainley on your stomach and back.. ive been trying to excercise and eat right but nothing working

  40. Jessica Z

    I just found your channel. I have reached a point where I weighed what I weighed when I went in labor with my first daughter which was my heaviest in my entire life. I had such great success with WW in the past after I had my first daughter, and I recently joined the program again. It is hard and I get discouraged but you are such an inspiration. Thank you for putting yourself out there to help people like me. I love your food ideas and can't wait to see what you put out next! Thank you so so so so so much! I was struggling today and as fate would have it found your channel and am motivated again!

  41. Angela Walker

    You. Are. Awesome! Seriously! I have been on the wagon, off the wagon, and under the wagon. I have a serious love/hate relationship with weight watchers; pissed that the lan changed, whined that it’s too hard now, etc. Listening to you just now was so motivational. All my back and forth of, should I try keto?, What about Whole 30?, etc. are all excuses. I am not that girl who wants to eat like that. I need to learn to make changes but still be “real life”. You are seriously an inspiration. Thank you!

  42. Rainbow Skyler

    I'm only 16 but I am unhealthy. I've always hated my body and have been bigger than all of my friends. I am 5 foot and about 140 pounds. I should be around 115 and 120. I have tried to get healthy several times but this time I'm really buckling down. Around August/September I started working out every day for a few months and I did gain some muscle but I got off schedule and I could not motivate myself to get back on it. So I decided my goal for 2019 would be to become healthy physically and mentally. And I say goal and not resolution bc nobody sticks to resolutions and I've tried making losing weight my resolution several times. I was gonna start working out again on Monday, I had even changed into my workout clothes but as soon as I did I felt a fever hit me hard and I could not get the motivation back after getting sick. I stayed home from school Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday I was still sick but well enough to go to school. Yesterday (Friday) was the first day I felt 100% better and I am at my Mama and Papa's house so I was like I am feeling great why not make myself feel even better? So I got on the treadmill, put it on the highest incline I could, and just walked a mile on that. Then I got on the exercise bike for an hour and a half. I did about 15 mph for that hour and a half so if anyone wants to figure out the math of how many miles that is be my guest I suck at math. But I felt amazing when I was done. I didn't sweat too much cause I didn't wanna push myself. I got back on the bike and treadmill this morning but I actually pushed myself. I speed walked the treadmill and did intervals on the bike. I did five minutes of fast pedaling while sitting on the bike. Took a 1 minute break, then did five minutes of standing on the bike while going slower, then another 1 minute break and did that for about an hour. I was so sweaty when I was done my entire head of hair was drenched. Then I spent thirty minutes taking pictures of Mama's exercise book so I could do some of those workouts at home. Mama said I could come over every other weekend just to use her machines. So the cardio won't be too consistent cause I hate cardio and don't want to run at home and I don't have the confidence to ride my bike around the neighborhood but maybe in a couple months I will have the confidence to do it. Until then I'm gonna do my workouts when nobody can see me. And by the next new years I'm gonna have the body I've always wanted.

  43. celia mendoza

    Thank you you have inspired me to start my journey

  44. Robin Peters

    Everyone trying to start their journey to a healthier life should listen to this video. She did an amazing job.

  45. ตุ๊กตา _444

  46. CuriousReason

    Wow, congrats 🙂 You lost 1 Conor Mcgregor worth weight. lol. Keep going ! 💪

  47. Paula Morris

    I have to lose 200 pounds!! I was a size 9 my whole life until the bipolar drug Risperdal was introduced to my life. I gained 80 pounds in 3 months and kept on gaining cause I gave up. Now the doctor has told me Ive lost 15 pounds in 2 months so that has given me enough inspiration to look for stories online like yours Feicia. Thank you. Im happy for you. I want to be happy for me now.

  48. Isaac Stevens

    I just came here to say thay I have a six pack.

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