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  1. shiza rani

    Waooooo amayzing u did it congratulations keep it up.best of luck.

  2. Sonya Johnson

    I have decided not to give up on myself

  3. Fashion and beauty street

    Wow really inspiring video

  4. Music Lover Forever

    Personally, her journey will become my inspiration for my own personal health and wellness journey. She’s so transparent and honest with her viewers, I just love that. She’s absolutely precious! 🤗🤗

  5. Mavis Patia

    Wow im proud of you. 😊😊 . I

  6. Gisela Leon

    You look amazing, congratulations!

  7. pina papri

    How many kg did you lost dear????

  8. Gurpreet Kaur


  9. Shazana Khan

    U look amazing keep it up another year u can lose another 80lbs. I was 104kg after birth and today I’m 88kg. I have another 38kg to shed it’s not easy!

  10. RANY J

    I tried every thing but no change hmmmm

  11. Gundog

    You are truly amazing! 😍 I’ve been struggling so hard. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Frances Fawehinmi

    Wow you are an inspiration to everyone. I am starting my weight loss journey last week and it feels so good to walk and doing other workouts everyday.

  13. Starr

    I like how she gotton straight to the poinr

  14. السماء الصافية

    Oh my good i so hapy for you

  15. Gregori Athanasiou

    I don't hate I admire you for your will and great job, but this is fat loss. And it can be considered as weight loss but fat loss is better. Weight loss is if you also lose muscle

  16. VidyaUdupa

    Hats off to your dedication and hardwork.. Women's body undergoes lot of changes in different stage.. We have to maintain it.. But will be lazy.. Great inspiring vedio.. Cheers to you..

  17. ok Vinesh

    Great… Wow.. 😮

  18. web dev

    Well done Lexi

  19. Ganga Rai

    Back then u were so cute too.

  20. Chris Lee

    Wonderful motivation,cute couple.god bless you

  21. Ideas are Powerful - Mick Demi

    I'm so happy for you! Well done!

  22. Tyrico Kent


  23. Kim Williams

    Thank you for the inspiration.

  24. navaneethakrishnan naveen

    Great mam

  25. Sussane Chaudhary

    I was 89 after post pregnancy and it took me three years of courage to change myself. Finally I set my mind to transform and lost 20 kgs in just 6 months. Hard work and dedication always counts.😊

  26. Mona Monika

    Tell about your diet

  27. Nurul Fithroh


  28. Watch Me Try

    Thank you. You're amazing. I want this.

  29. Sachin Ki

    @FatGirl , do you have loose skin?

  30. Queenie Marbury

    You are awesome this was a very inspiring journey to me. I think you are very strong and courageous. I hope you are very proud of your success. I am, thank you for the inspiration. You are Beautiful!

  31. Donna Oberlin

    Wow, you’ve worked sooo hard!! What an inspiration you are! Congratulations!

  32. heer naz

    God bless you

  33. Mu na

    النحف هو صحه والصراحه اهنيها على اصرارههه بالوصول إلى الهدف الي تريده ❤

  34. Ayesha Naveed

    It can possible???? M also 120 kggg…can I also do it???

  35. Good news of our Salvation

    These dislikes must be from Lucifer!

  36. nanna Gurung

    I wiant lass my wait I M so fat I M 37 old bat 94 kg 😢😢😢😢

  37. RiRi

    Congrats sweetie.

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