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  1. Universe Inside You

    Watch Gaia's exciting series called "Ancient Civilizations"

    Click here to watch: 👉 http://bit.ly/UIY_Ancient_Civilizations
    You can watch our video on Orgone Energy – Another Suppressed Healing Device 👉 https://bit.ly/2PyJ7zB

  2. Francisco Duarte

    How come a couple mother fuckers can do so much damage to the whole humanity?!?!

  3. Ryan Beecher

    The next major war will be the People against the elite, and it will be called The Truth War. People will march on forbidden places like the Smithsonian, and the more lies that are uncovered the more momentum and anger will build.

  4. Cristina Gabot

    I hope this Morris bastard and all the other bastards who did this are burning in hell. My best friend/sister died because of that disease. This video has re-broken my heart. We regular folk are so screwed.

  5. rickyt11

    Gaia? Why?

  6. Scott Sanders

    People like Rife come along once in a lifetime, maybe even purposely delivered to us to help us along. And look what happens, corrupt, evil human beings deliver death and destruction for money. The people in power need to be infected with cancer so they can feel what they've done to our society

  7. TropoCal

    What makes this story hauntingly interesting to me, is that I received a piece of mail in the early 80s, for an offer to purchase a "Frequency Transmitter".
    This offer had the same healing claims and assertions made here in this video.
    They also spoke of it's inventor, mentioning that he was attacked by the "Government" for wanting to reveal this invention to the public.
    I don't recall the inventors name, but I do remember reading; the powers that be attempted to destroy him, and forced him into hiding.
    I was offered a metal box resembling the one @ 10:05 in this video, only smaller sized, like a brick.
    it came with a list of diseases, ailments, etc., and corresponding frequencies, for reference, enabling one to dial in "the cure".

    It also came with instructions on how to build one, in efforts to secretly get the information publicized, in hopes that one day, all would have access to it.
    The price was upwards of $700.00, and too steep for me to take a chance through the U.S.P.S.

    This happened before the Information Age boom, causing my research of the subject to be too time consuming, without today's internet search engines.
    I found it hard to believe at the time, but wonder now if the offer was legit, and that I passed on a chance to own a paradigm shifting device. (?)
    It really does get to me, after now hearing the story of Royal Rife's Frequency Machine.

  8. Anaïs N.

    Terrible world we live in 😥

  9. Anaïs N.

    Too bad you can't cast Gaia to your TV otherwise I would subscribe to Gaia immediately

  10. Snake Pliskin

    Diseases are a business. Plain and simple.

  11. Ambrossia 188

    How Ironic that this video is about healing the body Naturally and the first ad that I saw was for a discount card for a BIG PHARMA medication.
    🤔… Programming anyone?

  12. TropoCal

    When one is attempting to kill another, the victim has the inalienable right to defend themselves and/or others, in whatever way they see fit.
    It's Good vs Evil here. – Stand up and defend life.
    Let me reiterate more specifically;

    If only someone would have stood up to the so called "Dr." Morris Fishbein, or any other Globalist Elite "minion" placed against our great inventors.
    This planet, and and everything on it, would have excelled in excellence, had someone taken them out, rather than take them to court.

  13. Shef Lieshigh

    Thanks to tech we can access these things ourselves. Find "ALL 9 SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES HEALING MUSIC | Whole Body Regeneration | 9 MIRACLE TONES" here on theretube, and RIP IT!

  14. Zach Skinner

    Where is the fda headquartered, I may have to use blencir origin.

  15. tdg911

    28 people that continue to drink the cool-aid and take the blue pill. Can lead a horse to water but cannot force it to drink lol

  16. Elvis Ciprian

    🌿🌝💦🍇=healing) 🍕🍟🍔🌭🍺🥨🥓=💀And is all about money 💰

  17. D aeGo Picasso

    I love this channel! keep waking us up❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Mrs.MojoRisin Alcazar

    Thank you for shedding some light on this topic. It is time people wake up to the greed, manipulation, and control over our health & evolution. Many Blessings!

  19. Ryde Ovashit

    People are demonstrating and rioting and fighting each other instead of fighting for this…. Free energy and cure to diseases! That's a crime against humanity… Against humanities development …. This is the most important information. We should all be demanding this all over the world

  20. Rocky Boaa

    so so sad…

  21. Fahad Fahad altaf

    🖊️📖1440 handred years ago one book ritten a man inside the book all hidden unbleaveable truth about our creator, creation all science knowledge sky universe o All Earth Humans and Nature.and one of the big news coming soon ritten in this book 14years ago. All history in this book our this time travel astral travel history.but our people not able to rewiew hidden words discovers.before this nation all nation how to distroy now the time same before example nation has come.same like a pyramid big big architecture distroying this samelike time come.only some people alive in this big dangerevent 3,or5,or6.this is the7 time come.only Naba7tv all big news in youtube.only this All news 14years ago ritten past,present and future travel Book.have Cause crude oil and vibration, lights, resistance, hidden voices,order and instruction point of TheEarth only Greedy dangerous peoples.🌎🔜💣🌑🌪️⌛💓📣



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