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  1. lil snappy

    Nah 23 comments now

  2. MJ Mesa

    I love Dr Oz but he’s looking more and more like an elf with all the plastic surgery

  3. Bot btws

    Tip don't eat fast u gain less weight

  4. john ayacko

    Dr. OZ?! Me too movement didn't get him yet?

  5. 100 subs with no videos

    30k views, 16 comments? Lovely.

  6. Edie Koller

    No Comment.

  7. Ryker Landon

    Take deep breaths upon waking
    Straight posture
    Eat only from 11am to 7pm.
    The rest of the time: sleep & exercise.

  8. lily Mitchell

    I was the 600th like

  9. Josh Foust

    Sssooo basically, if you eat a clock, it's time to lose weight.😂

  10. The adventures of uni

    If u see this your gonna gain 20 pounds instead of losing it

  11. bernadette

    Hold up- this man wants me to start eating at 11:00 Am, and then stop at 7:00 PM? I eat dinner at 7:00 Pm. I GUESS NO DESSERT

  12. Baby Bug 32

    I'm the with comment and it's been up for 22 hours

  13. uae12321❶


  14. Bryan To


  15. Hala Madrid

    Hellooo?? Is anybody here in the comments??

  16. castle prettyjoy

    Like so much views but barely no comments

  17. iChillyinsect3

    What only 2 comments??? Lol

  18. Coolest Cat


  19. Solo

    Where the comments at??

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