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  1. rubi khan

    Hello mene apna 7 kg loss kiya h 3 month me
    Me 3 month pehle 73.4 ki thi then 66
    3 month pehle me prediabetic thi so ab kya result hoga mam
    Any idea
    My height is 5.5
    Age 29
    Present weight 66

  2. Ritu Verma

    Hi mam
    Plz make a video on college girl's.how much she reduce her weight & diet plan

  3. shikha jain

    Daal ka chilla ,besan ka chilla…carb h???

  4. Kirti Ghai

    Gv mam please solve my problem. It's my humble request plz reply soon. Thanks

  5. Fouzia Ayaz

    Mam plz ibs pr video bnaye plz

  6. Jasvir Singh

    Wao… Salute to the way u explained…. Super wao video

  7. Neetu Sharma

    Hello mam..
    Mujhe aapse persnol diet plan lena hei.
    Mai kese aap se contact karu

  8. Shalini Khandelwal

    Mam please make a video for garcinia it help for weight loss its true aur not

  9. Umaima Fakkad

    While intermittent fasting in 16:8 pattern, can i workout in between 5pm to 6pm. And then i have my dinner. At 7pm? And also moring excercise before feasting window starts?as rest of my day goes lazy Or just sitting.

  10. Nirmaljeet Kaur

    Thanks ma'am for information 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  11. Trupti Kalakeri

    Liked your idea of how a meal should look for a day .. I am currently following the same for my son(3.5 years old) who has constipation issues every now and then .. hope it helps .. it will be great if u can suggest any changes which could help in addressing this issue

  12. Kirti Ghai

    Sorry ma'am. If I disturb you. I watch your videos daily it's really help for us. Aunty nd u r the best . Hope u plz reply my msg . really u both r good . I wants to follow you.

  13. rups gupta

    Plate portion Apne 3time meals ke liye bataya hai kya???

  14. toys and fun tv

    I m breastfeeding my 7 month old baby.. I m 74 kg… 5 feet 2 inches… What should I do to get back in shape.. plz ma'am.. guide me

  15. Hasan Moin

    my weight s 70 kg nd height s 5.7…m 34yearz female…mjhay kitna w8 loss krna chaheyai??plx help

  16. Roopa Katwa

    Mam how to contact you

  17. Nisha Sharma

    Mam pls kimchi recipe share kare

  18. Adorable aru

    Hello ma'am,
    Kya AP bta sakti apne next video me , ke 'core engage' kaise krte hai exercise k time.

  19. Alia pious

    Please make a video on benefits of castor oil and about consuming

  20. Jyoti Ganwani

    Maine 25kg weight loss kiya hai he

  21. Nidhi Gosai

    Thank you mam… Can you provide a information about which type of honey and which brands of honey we should consume???… Which is in the purest form… Thank you for sharing such a nice information which is very very useful to us

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