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  1. Harshika Gupta

    Dear Saumya Di❤️
    I have been watching your videos since so long and following you so religiously even I am not fat….even I am not obese but yet I am following you because you motivate me to be fit and be fitter and to the fittest….. Not only a fitness influencer but also I have observed that you are a great person inside out. I watch your videos because I love the way you explain everything so well that I cannot resist myself watching your videos. I have never made any comment on your channel or any of the the videos but today looking at this very informative video which is like very great information for each and every person watching this, I cannot resist myself from commenting on your video. You are doing a great job. Dear please go on…..and never stop doing this..!
    You are a great great great influencer ❤️
    lots of love keep going keep it up

  2. Rahul Singh

    Hi Dr muzhe ek qus karni the apse..
    M 56 kg but Meri body helthy lgte h chubby plzz btao Mai Kya karu?

  3. Vidya Soni

    Please hindi me bhi di

  4. wajeeha imtiaz

    Very informative 💕 i think its a very first 26 mints video I've ever watched😂 but yes.. as you told, no regrets after watching ❤❤ Thanks a bunch 🌸 love from pakistan .

  5. Anitta Scaria

    Thank you so much for this information.

  6. Iman Aman

    Hi Somya ! ur weight?

  7. shivani991

    Hello Mam…i am taking up your challenges…will update u soon!! Wud like to request u to kindly put video on protein shakes as there are lot in market hence its difficult to decide the best one for health which aids in weight loss

  8. Kona Amin

    Bal bojaito ayche

  9. Wafaa Karim

    plz do this video in hindi plzzzz

  10. Sahrima Haque Diba

    Apu pls upload a video to lose lower fats of belly

  11. Shaki Shaj

    how to tighten flabby stomach after normal delivery with workouts and food plan for breastfeeding mom ..if u can help on tis it will surely help for mum s like me


    Mam pls tell tips for skin whitening

  13. Its ChRiS' tImE

    Pls make a video to understand how much to work out a day for burning 500KCal

  14. Its ChRiS' tImE

    Simply explained…. Thank u so much for the effort

  15. shama hussain

    Hi sissy in this video i had a doubt that at 21:38 u told that water weight loss in body is differ from fat loss i have a doubt in this point that i have to do fatloss in my body but my body is of water weight and also stored unwanted fat if i do this 60:40 plan can i reduce both water weight and unwanted stored fat in my body at a same time or i will fatloss of 1 kg per week because im not of bone weight i gained weight of watery body and fat

    Sorry sissy if my grammar is not well.Did u understand my point ?or i will confused?
    Please clear me sissy

    Very useful and informative video Sissy from ur video now i can able to analyze why i didnt lose weight and now i got idea of how to lose weight
    Thk u sooo much dear

  16. Anika Easmim

    Api kese ek mahine me slim hona ho sakta hoo

  17. Finn Balor

    Khud ka content bnaa,gurumann ka copy mat kr 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  18. Aishwarya M L

    Thank u sis loved the video 😍💗 very informative video👍 , waiting for more such videos in future💞

  19. Devi Priya

    I like all your videos.I am exited to start it. Plz tell me how to reduce back… I'm suffering alot

  20. Maroju Aparna

    Very helpful information Somya

  21. Vrinda Gupta

    It's the best video i have ever come across! Thanks a million Somya di for such an informative video and enlightening us about this science… It was stupendously and amazingly well explained.
    Thanks a lot again for this …
    Love you so much☺️

  22. Uma Vaithy

    Sis ur teaching me my 12th biology 😂😂😂

  23. Harifa Rafeeq

    Somya will you please do a plank challenge…pleaaseee

  24. Penubothula jyothika

    hi sis.if we lose weight,is the chest size also will reduce or not?pl clarify my doubt pl.i heard even if we lose weight also chest wont be reduce.is this true or not?pl reply sis

  25. mahi jain

    Can I loose weight by eating egg I mean kya egg weight gain krta h plz tell

  26. Suman Singh

    saumya I'm 21year and I'm trying ur all exercise and diet last one year but I'm not loose even one kg I don't no what to do my weight is 64 kg doctor suggested me loss at least five kg plz give me suggestion thanks.

  27. Sana Pathan

    To much long video feeling like sitting in College lecture

  28. Sonali Gurav

    Aap to teacher ban gaye😁😁lol….. thanku for information..

  29. Dr.sonal Singh

    Superb video great job


    Wonderful content from Kuwait

  31. Vijay V

    Video is not that much long if you take the fitness seriously. Its full of useful information.

  32. vishali b

    Sister pls do video on pregnancy nutrition diet and nrml delivery exercises pls.. #ggt

  33. Afsha Khan

    7day chalang brest size bada karnye ke excise hai joaap nye videos bany thi aap reply to do

  34. Chandra sekhar

    Hi Saumya. Anita here 🙋. Today's video reminded me of my teacher training days. The content indeed is good.

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