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  1. Richard Richard

    Off the steroids now then

  2. Hello Again

    How can they allow swearing music in Saudi.

  3. Zod Zoder

    Dude is already exhausted!!! lol His endurance will fail him once again

  4. Laura Walker

    You've got our support AJ.

  5. Laura Walker

    What a terrible video, terrible music, terrible quality.

  6. Laura Walker

    Has he lost to much muscle?

  7. Laura Walker

    Joshua is still bookies favourite but not as much as last time.

  8. Robert Lane

    He cycled off the sustanon-250 sooner this time.

  9. i am me

    aj puts ruiz to sleep saturday, big ko

  10. Dan Yeol

    Feel like he’s coming in @238

    I don’t think he lost so much weight like people assume he did

  11. Johnny Blaze89

    Anybody know the song that's playing.

  12. Johnny Blaze89

    He's looking alot leaner, this is a very good sign.

  13. Liam Obrian

    AJ Lets Goooooooooooooooooooôöóò!!!!!!!!!'


    come on AJ

  15. Robert Titchener

    Not 1 to comment on awful audio and the camera man it is what it is at times, but this is absolutely tragic, if you ever film porn, film the action not just the face.. 👍

  16. Old Soul

    His head movement like Ruiz said is amiss.

  17. deezy duffus

    If his to big his got to much muscles if he lose weight he lost to much weight wtf is wrong with people

  18. carl harrison

    he is getting smoked

  19. Veil

    Looking great Champ!

  20. Xbox or PlayStation

    How do people consider him better than fury 😂😂😂 and even the number 1 hw in the world like how😭
    Edit: no I’m not saying this Cos he lost against ruiz before that fight ive struggled to see how anyone thinks that he’s better than tyson fury or wilder.

  21. josh's home grown fruit and vegetables

    Why am I feeling like this

  22. TheImpartialKiwi

    236 – 243 .. somewhere around that range 🙂

  23. California Love

    LET'S DO THIS SHI* AJ!! 😬 👊

  24. JBrian B

    Im not a pro boxer and i cant say i know whats in aj s head but in my opinion he doesn't look mentality ready . Its one thing to go in a fight and let things happen naturally but another going into a fight with the pressure of not making mistakes.

  25. Boxing Merc Driver

    Not sure. I’m losing £25 pound Saturday night tho.

  26. kevin lin

    putting weight into that helmet

  27. Rashid Reman

    With all do Respect 2 the first ever Mexican heavyweight Champ Andy Ruiz but will Indeed be put 2 Sleep In Style mark my word.

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