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  1. Refinery29

    What rituals do you incorporate into your beauty routine to look and feel your best? Share with us below!

  2. Finnick Hazel

    I didn't know "getting ready" only meant using a hairdryer 😂

  3. Bina Turtle

    Getting a new hairdryer – a challenge? What has our society become…

  4. Amaia.

    Is it me or did her eyes keep changing colour?

  5. Fallon Fontaine

    Maybe I'm blind but her hair looked no different.

  6. merve kırpınar


  7. sophie resnick

    If that Dyson can give me hair like that I’m SOLD

  8. alyssa stroud


  9. peachlily22

    She's beautiful!

  10. Ruby Ling

    I saw her in Allure before!

  11. Sally Ma

    so cute I can't watch it 😂😂😂

  12. Ana Portgas

    bitches still managed to bring in the dyson infomercial SMH! And no I’m still broke and can’t afford the hairdryer.. how lame of you guys to hide it that way…..

  13. Ankita Sharma

    Nikki Reed 😲

  14. la terza faccia della medaglia

    fuckin dyson promo

  15. Snatched_Lifeshow

    Oh my god drying my hair takes forever too. If you have thicc hair you know the struggle 😂

    Also small youtuber sooooo😗 SUbsCribe!
    (I hate myself for saying that so I'll leave now)

  16. Thats Cute

    Wedding. Advertisement.

  17. Tanna I

    With her hair up in the high ponytail and the red lipstick she looks like Cheryl Cole 😍

  18. Ishan Ali

    Good luck to her and her wedding!!!

  19. Sweet Strawberry


  20. Sweet Strawberry

    Word: wedding
    Instantly clicks

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