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  1. jeffc168jb

    A reduction of 85% to lower a 150x probability factor is still too dangerously high! Shut it down!

  2. Dawa J

    Profits > People = The American Way

  3. Lauren Fusco

    They’re not doing anything because they’re waiting for all the residents suing them and demanding action to die of the cancer they’re giving them

  4. Tys Huon

    Even the Denka spokesperson David LaPlante has plant in his name!

  5. Paul Hayden

    The US has a long list of toxic sites. In short – somethings never change.

  6. Tozias Silverfang

    Hopefully not with religion; all that does is take away your critical thinking and hurts any cause.

  7. Tlot Pwist

    I'm afraid only a massive revolt will allow us to get rid of the rotten parts of capitalism.

  8. Chris Facts

    Too bad the CEO’s of these companies don’t live on the plants… wish we had a president that cared

  9. Joey Big Things Poppin

    Need to gentrify your area for a better change. Long island in the 80's & 90's had cancer clusters and because predominately caucasian they cleared cancer from that area, number of cancer patients decreased dramatically in what ever it is that they did to remove it.

  10. Ruben Ramirez

    Conservatives and there corporate Jesus. Jesus was liberal gave everything for the people for the people. Not greed like the new corporate jesus has hijacked America with greed. Conservatives are money greed people they don’t want to conserve this world for the next generation which they really don’t care about there own family. They are blinded by greed. Corporate Jesus lets bring back the liberal Jesus back the caring Jesus

  11. LLC

    Disgusting. It should be more than enough. Keep up the fight and you will win because you must.

  12. Andrew

    Meanwhile Trump and the right continue to brag openly about rolling back EPA protections and lifting regulations.

  13. Zoe Chapin

    America sure seems it’s on a fast-track to becoming a 3rd World Country. Never in my lifetime did I think I would witnessed the richest country on the planet circle the toilet bowl so quickly to fast become a land with a majority of just have-nots.

  14. sanSDI

    Could have been a report from china, water, air geez americans what have you done to yourselves x.x

  15. The Blacked IPs

    5:00 Give it a month or two. Thats right, they already know you won't be resisting when you're in a deathbed. You can start those lawsuits, even a thousand lawsuits, you will still be living there while the case is in progress, you will still be living there while anything is taking in consideration, you will still be living there on the next course of action they take. Eitherway, you'll die of cancer before you get those factories shut down.

  16. R.i.p. to the lies R.E.A

    Please come to plaquemine Louisiana. Every weekend there is a funeral somebody died from cancer. Cows on top the levee have been diagnosed with cancer

  17. nerdaterp

    Any coincidence the residents are all African Americans? And the fact that in this African American community the government refuses to acknowledge the problem or do anything about it.
    Discrimination takes many forms

  18. Atilliator

    All people living near that place should be relocated and compensated at the government's expense

  19. Jun Whi

    Everyone share this

  20. Wadley Jred

    Who wants to bet the person in charge of their district/city/state is a democratic

  21. Los Castañeda

    Walk into the office of the owner . And put a bullet in his head.

  22. awaisis

    💰 💰 💰 > humans

  23. Jonelle85

    What many people don’t know, is that even though the EPA administrator is given a cabinet rank, the department itself isn’t actually even an official cabinet department. That’s why they’re able to get away with all this madness. It’s an independent agency meaning that the kinds of rules and regulations imposed on other departments (education, treasury, homeland security, housing, etc.) don’t necessarily apply to them. Even though the administrator is appointed by the President and approved by Congress, and even though the department is “constitutionally” apart of the executive branch, the agency is still isn’t apart of the executive office which means they are independent of Presidential control.

  24. Metonymy1979


  25. L M

    Thank you for reporting. God bless those people

  26. The Josh O Show

    Wishing major success this year to whoever is reading this 🙂

  27. anna neumann


  28. Bobby Harper

    Corporations don't make people smoke and drink too much.

  29. Shanna Riley

    Thank you so much for bringing attention to this.

  30. JCmtw Biz

    How about we see who the true intimidated ones are? The ones that are purposely murdering ppl and are trying to hide it by lies so they don’t get caught or get the blame? Or the ppl that are concerned enough to find out what the real problem is and actually do something about it?

  31. Frontal Lobotomy

    lets not forget about plastic food packaging ( especially those where you boil with veggies), sitting in freeway rushour traffic, widespread neighborhood pesticide use, pesticide use on fruits and veggies from the grocery store. humans are bombarded everyday with hazardous chemicals

  32. Elias Arambula

    Denka foundation leave!

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