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  1. Diana

    When I was 10 years old, I was diagnosed with PCOS. I was also told, that it´s very fine, very common thing. Today I am 22, still fighting PCOS, few of my cysts did burst already and I was also in the hospital. Doctors just don´t care..that´s why I even don´t have gynecologist-they just told me, honestly, that no gynecologist will care of person who has PCOS..so nobody cares that I never had my period, that I know I have very high testosterone.I am scared I might have cancer from the time I was told I have higher chance for that and also that my cysts are realy big…I can feel them almost every day on both ovaries..sometimes I rather stop walking when I feel that pain again and again. They are not listening to me

  2. Lady D

    So happy you’re cancer free and thx so much for sharing your story.

  3. GaiSensei Neemo

    I would get the same pain in my left side. Sharp stabbing pain. I have all the symptoms of ovarian cancer… my nana had either both or one ovary removed when she was younger due to cancer.. I keep getting told everything's normal… :/ … whatever

  4. Da To

    SOME doctors just like the money. THey are not really interested in their patients wellbeing. They just say whatever they think to give a diagnosis.Its sad that they dont take patients concerns seriously

  5. Cat Love

    If anybody come across of this lady from a or lend or England that was dying of starvation because she was diagnosed with the wrong diagnosis says about R in Demetrios and then she was had a tube in her stomach and she was showing us how skinny she was and she died that is because her doctor mis diagnosed her with something she didn't have and she lived her life to the fullest can you imagine if it happened to us well my OBGYN never did that to me she always made sure that I got everything I wanted all the scans all the everything I after 4 she gave me but the thing is if any other doctor tells you something that not right and that something's not wrong with you listen to your body and then go on to another doctor because the next doctor might be better than the 1st doctor

  6. TheWatyfly

    I'm 24 but thankfully my gynecologist listened to me and tomorrow I'm doing the blood test… I have the same sympthoms… I am so scared

  7. Shalini Singh

    Iam shalini age 26 diagnos overian cancer 2019 august….. Mucinous carcinoma.. 1 stage.. I know what u feel. I feel shame situation… 🙂

  8. Shalini Singh

    Hi iam from India.. ., am fashing shame problem. .. ..overian cancer.. Mucinous carcinoma

  9. Naina Dhillon

    You are so strong 💪🏻🙏🏻

  10. Zodiac Wars

    ER is the best route they do all testing in one day! Go to ER instead of making 30 appts for each individual test

  11. Monique Knowles

    I was Diagnosed with grade 2 Ovarian Cancer on July 13, 2019…today I am cancer free, but I start Chemo 12/30/2019 wish me luck 🤞🏽

  12. cayla rose

    The beginning of your story is exactly what I'm going threw now… for about a year I have been having excruciating stabbing pain in my right side.. and they say it's just a cyst but I keep returning to the doctor in extreme pain.. and only just this last time I went to the ER they started taking me seriously and the first time they game me pain medicine for it. They say now it could be endometriosis. We will see but having pain in your lady parts is so frustrating… the doctors have a hard time knowing exactly what it is and you have to just suffer… I hope we can create more tests for female reproductive cancers

  13. xXxTen17 GLO

    I’m planning to sue a hospital over this same thing.

  14. Shannon’s Random

    Doctors need to take the word “probably” out of their vocabulary

  15. Carrie T

    So sad how they dismissed her and told her ER doctors scare you etc.

  16. Tasha Burton

    had the same pain scence i was 15 was told after my second child i had cervical canser never went back to drs bc they scared me the 2018 after my grandmother past 4/24/17 my 3rd child jumped on my stomch so went to the er a huge cyst ruptured one hosptial told me it was nothing so went to anther hosptial thay said i was going to be fine then went to a thired hosptial and they put me in after two hour wait a cyst did rupture and they flushed my system i felt better but was told theirs another one under neath the one that had ruptured stil in pain at 33 years old 3 kids later the baby dad left me bc of my grandma passing then he did the unthinkable to put me in more pain no forgiveing that now its 10/29/19 and my father was just told he has bladder cancer and im stil in pain refuse to go to the drs bc the x caused cps case on me and their performing hippa laws on me and getting away with it its been almost a year of pure harassment got to wait til 8/2"14/20 til they off my back if i dont die before then after this date i will go back to the drs i guess somethings r just hard to deal with also thinking iv had breast canser it runs in both sides of my family mom and dads side im tarrifide of drs and people in my biz but i feal like i have the right to speek on my behalf my father says everyday hes dieing so i feal like im slowly dieing mother kids of ages 13 5 & 2😭😭😭idk what to do its just pain in the left side scence i was a young child

  17. Krista Rowe

    I am 40 years old and am currently going through the same. Everything you are describing is exactly how I feel. Just over a year ago I had to spend 3 days in the hospital for severe pelvic pains. Since then I have gone through so many medications and testings….lupron, gabbapentin, high dosage penicillin, ultrasounds, ct scans, xrays…nothing helped. I have a complex cyst but nothing done about that yet. Now after a year my doctor wants me to go see an oncologist. I have so many other symptoms and I know something isn't right. We have to advocate for ourselves. I feel like nobody is hearing me. Thank you for the video and I wish you the best xo

  18. Breeze With Africa

    This is how I feel right now!! 😢 I am waiting for my results.

  19. bayamonrican

    Omg your intro is me right now

  20. Maggie Bertola

    Medical Medium tells the TRUTH about how ovarian cancer and more is caused.

  21. Anika A

    The reason ovarian cancer is the leading cause of gynecological killer is because the doctors don’t fucking take the patients symptoms seriously!!!! 😡

  22. Piper Collins

    Hello…Your story is simply amazing and thank you for sharing! .I just have to get this off my chest. I was horribly sick in the hospital with either food poisoning or gastroenteritis. A CT scan was done. After I was out of hospital, my PC doctor's office called and wanted to see me. He told me a mass was discovered on my Right Ovary. I went to a ob/gyn…both doctors told me it was nothing to worry about..the tumor is 3 cm. All blood work came back normal. But, I am having pain on my right side…sometimes it stops me in my tracks. I am 57 years old. I am going for a second opinion with a gyn oncologist. She is only looking at all the testing that has been done already, blood work (all normal) etc, however, I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that they are missing something. I AM SCARED!! My family doesn't know yet. Breast cancer is all over my mom side of family. My mom and sister died from it. OK, thank you for listening to me.

  23. MTB MOM

    I love this woman, and every woman going through this. ❤😢

  24. christina Garcia

    Hello! I am so proud of you and I admire how u put your story out there. Your journey wasn’t easy but you got through it and managed it like a warrior. God gave you the courage and got you out of that bad moment. I wish you the best in life. God bless you always. Many women go through this, some with cancer, others not. Both are unforgettable moments in a woman’s life. I had my ovary removed 3 weeks ago and it was horrible. My mass was really big. Luckily mine was not cancer. When I saw your story I knew I couldn’t complain bcz some people go through worse situations. Thank you for your story!

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