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  1. Mubina Lakhani

    thank you for showing the pictures and explaining through it. it became easier for me to evaluate why i wasnt loosing more weight because i was consuming lots of fat that is y i had a plateau.i use to include 10 tablespons of olive oil in my 7 cup salad and then lunch in butter and so on ….
    thanks a lot of showing the pictures
    m getting back to keto, i thought to leave it since i m not loosing more weight and was going towards low calorie portion control.

  2. Carmen Silva

    Dr. Berg this video is one of your best yet. The visuals are extremely helpful. I’m guilty of eating way too much fat. I’ve overdone protein as well. No wonder I’m stalling. Ok it’s on now! You are awesome. Keep up the outstanding work. We appreciate you. 🙏

  3. Richard Zeroth

    DR. Berg do you have any suggestions for people who don't sweat. Even if I was in the garden all day working, I just get damp, but can't break a sweat. Dee from MN

  4. sharmila chandool

    Yes I did thanks

  5. Tianna Ross

    I cried when he said so you don’t look like a crack head 🤣🤣🤣 Dr Berg!!! You’re a whole mess for that 🤣🤣🤣👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  6. Edy N

    Please make a video about alternate day fasting

  7. A. B.D.

    I have done extreme fasting in the past and I think my metabolism is set to almost 0 cal I have tried everything nothing seems to work. Great video.

  8. A. B.D.

    Your voice is very calming.

  9. magicmia69

    I have it all I'm almost 50 hypothyroidism menopause 😞

  10. Bliss Joyful

    if I eat OMAD that causes constipation and hard tools. Will you please give solution for that.

  11. Michele

    I'm too active to go an entire day without food. I would claw my eyeballs out from the hunger by the end of day 1. On inactive days, I'm good with a couple hard-boiled eggs in the morning and chicken or steak with a veggie in the late afternoons, but I usually need some kind of food 2-3 times a day, everyday, just to feel comfortable. I wish I could fast….doing dishes is my least favorite chore. lol

  12. Michele

    This was so good of you to put this webinar together. Very good information.

    Beets and carrots are VERY high in sugar, just like fruits and berries. If choosing squash, choose Summer Squash — less sugar than the other varieties. Corn and peas are too high in carbs to be consumed on a keto diet, imo.

    A good general rule for protein intake is 20-30 grams per meal, 3 times a day. The body needs at least 20 grams of protein at a time to recognize it as building material for the muscles.

    Dark meat chicken with the skin on is a good choice for this type of diet, imo. I ate a lot of KFC grilled chicken thighs when I was losing weight — 2 thighs has 34 grams protein and 300 calories. I eat their grilled breasts now.

    I never ate many seeds or nuts when I was on a keto diet….too many carbs and calories.

    The meal that made me drop weight like mad was grilled Tilapia in the George Foreman with Cavender's Greek Seasoning on it and green beans. That is still my go-to meal for dinner when I need to drop a few pounds.

  13. Eva Szabo

    My problem is my work hours and shift pattern. I have no weekend and I work 15-17 hrs a day. I have to get up at 3.30 am and don't get home just after 10 pm. I struggle to make myself a meal those days. I would appreciate a go to quick to pick up meal plan if you could please.

  14. Sandy Knoff

    Thank you

  15. Megh Gehlot

    So Vegan can not go on Keto diet?

  16. gene tinney

    I like your short videos better.

  17. Vicky Manley

    I stuggle with concept of short eating window.

  18. Guyomar

    Thanks very much for this information. I went low-carb (20-30 net carbs daily on average) and started daily intermitting fasting three months ago after a fortuitous conversation with a doctor in a non-medical setting, reading Jason Fung's book, seeing your videos and finally deciding I couldn't delay it any longer because I could no longer deny that my high-carb diet was doing me harm. Since then, I'm thinner with clearer skin, but what was even better, and immediately obvious was the stable energy, the lack of daytime fatigue and the disappearance of hunger. I now think I'm used to short (16-20 hour) fasts, and I think I need to increase fasting and lower carbs to see faster results. I like that it's presented as a dial you can turn up or down. I'll go to 20 or less with a 24-36 hour fast twice a week, and if I need to, I'll try close to zero carbs. Anyway, this is incredibly helpful. The conscious eating cards also stopped me giving into temptation, and making myself a keto-friendly dessert instead.

  19. Stephanie Flores

    I followed his original "Keto on Steriods " youtube video started May 6 2019 and lost 19lbs the first 3 weeks! As of today 7/25, I am 33 lbs!! 7lbs to go to hit my goal!!

  20. Charles Brown

    You and Dr fungi are my heroes 🙏

  21. Andrea Camp

    Why not take melatonin?

  22. Khouzama Darwish

    thank you Dr. I started ketogenic diet on 12 july 2019. I lost 7 lbs (water) of weight. im doing IF and my 2 meals are at (2pm and 6pm). I just wonder how we should eat 7-10 cups of vegetables and still within 5% -10% carbs?. I eat eggplant, brocoli, sauerkraut, brussel sprouts, kale and lettuce. I try to eat a lot veggies as you recommend but i exceed 10% carbs and 75 calories of veggies. Another question if i want to do the extended fasting to stimulate stem cells creating, during this fasting, can i have coffee and lemon juice with water?
    thank you a lot
    Cordially KD from Montreal

  23. Leland James

    Lol worlds strictest diet avoid pretty much everything. Lol

  24. Joyce Needham

    I did enjoy it! I need the reiteration of all your videos daily 🙂 Love learning and you are a great teacher. I have lost 23 lbs to date. I studied your videos for months prior to starting. Even found one I had watched on a health issue years ago. If only I had known 🙁 but it's all good now!

  25. K. M.

    Thank you!!! It WORKED FOR ME !!!

  26. shirley porter

    Dr. Berg is 3 to 6 oz of protein the before or after cooking weight?

  27. Nas

    Thank you Dr. Berg!! Loved this video and shared it! You are fantastic! Please keep posting. I’d love to see what foods you buy at the store. I shop at Whole Foods and don’t see the words “pasture raised, pasture finished”. Same with eggs. Sane with bacon. I can’t tell if the “organic” bacon is the right quality. Same with fish. Even at Whole Foods it can be hard to get “wild”. I’d like see where and how you shop or if you recommend shopping online. Thank you so much!!

  28. Jackie Burns

    What if you work our 60-70 min 5 x a week? lifting and a bit of aerobics.

  29. Jackie Burns

    You can lose it, but can you keep it off.? Will a few slices of bread mean you regain all the water weight immediately.

  30. Sterling S

    Bacon from 7-11. 🤣😂

  31. Kevbo Kev

    I love my tomatoes on my salad!!!! 🙁

  32. Therese Arruza

    I would happily pay for the cheat sheet but even though my card is from the States I live in Ecuador and I cannot get it. Does anyone know how I can buy it?

  33. Hula Girl

    Holy Moly! It works! I am eat too much protein and not enough fat.

  34. Not So Usual

    Awesome video Dr. Berg. Thank you.

  35. Angela v

    Yup that's me, hypothyroid, no gallbladder, pushing 40. The only way ive been able to lose weight and keep it off is by fasting.

  36. Caley Patricia

    Dr Berg you are The Man! I feel so empowered when I watch your videos, you help me to really understand the science. Thank you so much.

  37. Dxnnis van Doorn

    I do Keto on a budget

    Beef: not grass fed
    Salmon: not wildly caught
    Pork: from Seven eleven
    Egs: not pastor raised?

  38. saabje O.

    Hi dr. Berg, following you from Holland. How come some people eat whatever they want without gainging any weight and stay superskinny? Like my husband. Is it because of a super fast metabolism?

  39. Rahab Osorno Torroella

    I hace been doing intermitent fasting but I havent given up tortillas I have been rating a Lot of parsley and I make my natto and eat it 5 days a week I don't drink sodas I don't take any medicin I don't eat any sweets I feel really great I still feel depresed but I have not planned any suicidal methos I take ascorbic acid with my parsley I feel much Netter thsn 90 days before. My knees are free of pain .Extrange things are happening yo me just when I stopped rating sweets and bread and drinking sodas :I react violently when people try to lie to me I am like more alive I laugh a Lot more and all my feelings are stronger My older daughter says I'm bypolar but I just feel better I am planning on keto and intermitent fasting I Will write yo you how it goes And I thank you for all your videos and specially for letting me know about insulin

  40. Rahab Osorno Torroella

    Very inteligent!!!

  41. MOJ Hedy

    Thank you dr., but too much UMmmm 😐

  42. Tammy Bourgeois

    Excellent video. As usual. Thank you. I have started omad. Look forward to implicating your tips

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