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  1. Fabian Rangel

    Hello, 39 yrs old and I'm 5'11 weigh 248lbs down from 304 lbs since January this year but I've plateaued for past 2-3 months. I'm a painter so i walk and climb ladders all day, half the time in hot Arizona sun. I work out 4-5 times a week. Please help.

  2. Jennifer Brunet

    Height: 5'8
    Age: 25
    Actually: Just daily housework
    Weight: 275
    Gender: Female
    Exercise: None at the moment

  3. Tai Martin


  4. DianeC

    Hi I just saw video and looking to get healthy.
    I'm a 29 year old female that's 5'8 weigh 172. I'm a massage therapist so I'm somewhat active and started doing HIIT. Thanks for making this video.

  5. Camz Jade

    Hi I’m 34 turning 35 female 5’7 and weigh 298lbs I don’t exercise at all but with my job I’m moving for 9- 10hrs and do on average 10,000- 12,000 steps per day

  6. kenzie Sandwell

    I’m also vegan

  7. kenzie Sandwell

    I’m 5’2 , 17, 112 lb, I workout five/six days a week about an hour and a half on those days doing weights and cardio but I should be doing more cardio ,I’m a female

  8. Gregorio Pacheco

    Please I need this, 5,4 132lb, 13 years of age, and male. I run 30- 40 minutes a day and workout for 30 min.

  9. Christina Milton

    Age:33 weight:223 female.. BF:32 have started going to gym 3 days a week doing dynamic workout and battle ropes I know this is a older thread hoping you all still see lol

  10. Samantha Garrity

    5’8 21 years old and 160lbs exercise 30 min a day

  11. Amber Wiseman

    26 year old female, 173cm 60kg…work out once a day on weights for 1.5hrs .
    Thank you !!

  12. Razzy Gee

    Hi 👋
    Height 5’5
    Age 25
    Weight 131
    I work out 2 times a week.

  13. Mark Troy Natividad

    Hi 👋
    41yrs old
    I work out 6 days a week. I jog/run 3-4 miles 4 days. Jump rope and moderate weights 2 days. Every day I do 150 push-ups, 200 crunches and 50 squats.

  14. anniehatt

    Height: 5’4”
    Age: 37
    Weight: 115
    Gender: female

  15. Maria Mendoza

    20yrs old

  16. gemma norgate

    Hi I am an 18 year old female, 169cm tall and weighing 64kg. I do cardio and weights 2-3 times a week

  17. Kaitlyne McNutt

    I'm 27 year old female.i am 5ft 1in short and I weigh 185 lbs and I just started exercising 5 days a week for an hour at a time doing dance fitness. Before this week I pretty much just chased toddlers around all day

  18. Abishek Raj Joshi

    27 years old, 5ft 7 inches tall, male, 149.914 lbs … inconsistent workout in a day from burpees, squat, push ups and abs in the morning to something similar but a little less straining in the evening. Please help me out

  19. Jessica Dimmer

    46 yr old, female, 5'6, 195 lbs, sedentary

  20. Alejandro Terriquez

    Not sure if you’re still keeping up with the comments on this video but worth a try

    Very low activity level

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