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  1. Raheem Hussain

    What happened to the Brown man loved him

  2. Pilvia M.

    Victoria is beautiful

  3. Ayuzawa Misaki

    Model two stevie looks like a mermaid like if u agree 👍

  4. Jack Castillo

    Could you talk about skin undertones please, I’m not sure how to find out which one is mine

  5. Gouri Desai

    Stevie looks like a fae

  6. Naomi Tekie

    I need her to do my makeup like asap!😭

  7. Irelissa Shorthair

    Thought Nanette and Aja were doing this video 😒🤓

  8. lette A.

    Wow. Her skin is already flawless….. she didnt need any makeup at all…

  9. Yeonsoon Park

    lemme volunteer myself as the combo cult

  10. Pettrae Edlin

    Wish I was still working there 🔥😇🌈💚💋🌸

  11. Nancy P

    Is Rihanna gonna come out with a jewelry collection?? Cus I swear they be wearing fabulous jewels

  12. Sherine Victoria

    My T zone is super oily but I have some weird dry patches, what should I choose?

  13. Tonie Solomon

    What about combo skin which primer is best

  14. Amy Kay

    I’d love to see fenty come out with a hydrating concealer.

  15. topazsomnium

    I like the formulas, but the shades are kinda off when they claim to be warm toned but oxidize to a pink undertone. 😭

  16. Kai Pritchard

    Foundation for the #140 girl was Toooo Olive. She was Green girl!


    @makeupbykai on IG

  17. chelsea

    What if I have acne and a kinda combination skin

  18. Kristie Wilson

    I ❤️ fenty beauty! 😃

  19. killab

    Why every black model gotta be bald-headed??

  20. Loren Alexandra

    I need bomb mascara

  21. Yalil Bitch

    My skin is combination 😩

  22. Wiesiek Król

    The new foundation unfortunately caused me a huge breakout :/

  23. Zippora Fleming

    Stevie looks so fairy like. I love it. 💗💗🔥

  24. Jessica Guillen Banuelos

    That chart at the end is very helpful 👍🏼

  25. Ja-Nee Reviews

    My skin gets oily throughout the day and becomes tight after I wash. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  26. Marina Marin

    id love to see an acne skin been covered up

  27. Cecilia Smith

    What if I have super oily skin… But as soon as I wash it it gets super dry and flakes like a snake….. -_- what am I supposed to do then

  28. Leslie Cano

    Love you all you guys are the best😘

  29. Andrea Chaves

    thank you please keep on doing videos like this

  30. Allykha John

    I’m oily af but imma watch anyway lol 😂

  31. Jelisha

    I wish they did combination skin.

  32. lashawna moore

    Your so talented and all of the Models are so Gorgeous. GOD bless you ladies 🤗💖.

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