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  1. Tyler McDonald


  2. Øistein Mong

    I having been dealing with lower back pain for roughly 14 years and was told I have a disc pinching a nerve and they kept giving me Vicodin ( 7wow.cc/40l4 ) which just turned me into an addict. It wasn't until I got a chiropractor that I started to feel better. Granted it's not cured by any means but I able to deal with everyday life as long as I keep going for adjustments & massages.

  3. FeverishlyEmpathetic _

    I can't do it . Am I stupid and doing it wrong, or am I just weak as hell?

  4. letszer

    people only came for the skimpy workout clothes

  5. B. M Aleman

    I’ll try it. I’ll try anything that will stop my lower back from KILLING me while doing sit-ups. Thanks!

  6. chyaaaaaaaaa

    great tits

  7. Chicco Sinethemba Mlandu

    me suffering from backpain after two days of doing sit ups

  8. Lyndi Hutch

    Thank you for the motivation!

  9. Taharkah X

    Don't do this! Reason why is that you'll hurt your neck!!

  10. Jacob Bonner

    Maybe it has something to do with gender differences, but when I do that my tail bone sits more directly on the floor making it impossible for me.

  11. Andrew Martin

    Forget the sit ups, how about she sit somewhere else? Good lord.

  12. ryddragyn

    Doesn’t work.

  13. Mohsen Diaz

    Guys guys this isnt porn this is fitness
    Go and play somewhere else plz

    Pervert assholes


    I can barley focus on what she's saying she's fine af

  15. Lesedi Ben

    she looks like some chick from Skyrim. Im in love.

  16. Lesedi Ben

    mmmmmhm that body.

  17. king quad s

    I already have bad rap for hip thrusts and cable pull throughs at my gym, now this. I am pushing boundaries every day. Thanks.

  18. Mrs.Dot89

    Thank you so much for this tip! My lower back is killing me from doing my situps… hoping this will work!

  19. indigograves

    Thank you for making the video. Side of my waist began hurting a week ago doing sit-ups and the soreness hasn't let up.

  20. Jeffrey Gordon

    I think I'm in love

  21. Fred Polster

    Hi. If you want to be prepared for this check Unflexal workouts. I know you'll find good solutions for your workouts.

  22. ItachiElric

    I'm definitely going to try one of these. I never had a problem with back pain in workout before (but I have not been active in a long time) but I just started with a personal trainer and we were working on abs today and I could not do any of the exercises he was asking without feeling considerable pain in my mid-lower back 😩

  23. LucyPowthePow

    Thank you so much I get out of bed with a sit up with hip flexion and it sometimes causes massive long lasting back pain, which I'm currently experiencing and this video just came up on my Google search, so I've just given this ago with a bad back and wow what change in Lower spine pressure change legs position, thanks!!!

  24. Maida Dutcher

    This is the best workout ebook I think on Unflexal

  25. Batdorj D

    Hard to write w one hand

  26. bandar caboor

    she fat girll hhhhhhhhhhh

  27. ReneidKlein

    You are a lifesaver! I have been wanting to shed this weight I gained since moving to a desk job but my biggest hurdle was the stomach. I would walk and do push ups to lose weight on my legs and arms but the gut remained because sit ups hurt my back way more than my stomach and I couldn't do more than a few properly.

    Before I found this video I tried to do three before I had to stop from back pain but just watching this and trying it I got a dozen in just now with no back pain and still felt a burn. I have a long way to go but I feel confident I can work my way up thanks to you. God bless you and thank you.

  28. Israel Velasco

    but does it work better then the original way to do a sit up

  29. Sarah Owens

    Where did you get your sports bra from?

  30. Ami Lafette

    Thanks for this, I was worried about cheating using momentum thinking I had to be sitting up using only my core

  31. Vieve

    @womensfitway straight leg situps still hurt my lower back..any other tips?

  32. Scorpio GirlVA

    Did this variation in a class. Gentle on the lower back and felt soreness in my abdomen the very next day.

  33. Kevybear

    i have to do sit ups for the army and it has to be my hands up my head and my lower back is destroying me

  34. rjravaz

    shes hot

  35. Farrah Johnstone

    If it doesn't hurt its not a proper one

  36. Amy Lamb

    Thank you for posting this video!  I have a chronic lower back condition, and struggle with situps and crunches.  This works for me.

  37. Ari Flyy

    Thank you immensely my dear!!! I'm doing the 30 Day Ab Challenge & the 30 Day Ab & Squat Challenge & cannot get up off the floor. I love when you say "That's ok." & "That's ok too!!!" #babysteps  <3

  38. Dann Dane

    I'm thumbing this lady up!

  39. Yanira Lincecum

    Wow, this really helped alot!!!!!!

  40. Commander Shepard

    how the hell are you so pretty?!

  41. Dee Flowers Boxing

    pretty good for women

  42. SuperJmc13

    Damn I have to watch the video 6 times I was having a hard time concentrating I'm a man lollololol b**** keep hating

  43. Turd Furgesin

    that movement works out way better for me because I have a greatbelly and its easier to get up.

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