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  1. NutritionFacts.org

    I am so excited about How Not Diet hitting the shelves next week. There's still time to pre-order to get it delivered ASAP: https://nutritionfacts.org/how-not-to-diet/

  2. Mortuus Bestia

    His diet is clearly killing him.

  3. Markus Byström

    Interesting that someone calling this(epidimiology) "science" and not anecdotes . When all the science that supports a plant based dient is 99% epidimiology that is observational IE anecdotes. We shouldn't only want weight loss, but fatloss and muscle gain if we wan't to live long and stay healthy. Having a ton of high oxolate foods (legumes & leafy greens) ie spinach that has so much oxolates that you won't be able to absorb any of the calcium in them. You will however get kidney problems, if you also add soy to this you have goitrogens that will affect your thyroid function and might lead to hypothyroidism. This nutrient & protein deficient diet is a sure way to keep people malnurished and sick.

  4. Ian Lawton

    Can someone please recommend an online plant based nutrition course with accreditation that is not affiliated with any woo, thank you?
    (I'm aware of the ecornell course. Looking for others).

  5. Angela Lafuente

    Cuándo estará en español? He leído COMER PARA NO MORIR y como nutricionista puedo decir que es el mejor libro que he leído en este campo. Enhorabuena a todo el equipo y gracias de corazón por difundir tanta sabiduría en la salud.

  6. BlahBlahBlah Blah

    I'm sold

  7. Super Power

    How to look like gollum would be a more appropriate title.

  8. Kurt Missotten

    Thank you so much Michael for this second masterpiece from your hands! You and your team are of incredible importance to the health of humanity. At least to those who’re smart enough to listen to you. Thanks nutritionfacts.org for all the work you do and special strength to you Michael for the less enjoyable result of offering all that time in writing this book for us, regarding the impact on your private live.❤️🇧🇪

  9. D H

    You are a true hero imho! Thank You.

  10. melanie schwarz

    Hi! Will the book also be available in german?

    I am so fascinated, but my english is not enough for scientific facts

  11. Evgeniy M.

    Ждём на русском.

  12. bk23

    I’m reading the first one!

  13. Sandra E. A

    Simply can't wait to read your book Dr. Greger. Thank you Sir for doing this for all of out there who are tired of hearing the the same crap on a weekly basis. Brilliant!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  14. Jay Bird

    I am BEYOND excited for this book!!!!! I can’t wait!!!

  15. Funkopotamus

    Nearly 600 pages though! The book may need to lose some weight

  16. CreateWithBarb BL

    Can't wait to get my copy ordered in August. Love you Dr Greger

  17. Diane de Mooy

    I love that man!

  18. Lilia Ochoa Barragán

    I pre-ordered this book, I can’t wait to get it. My son gave me the How Not To Die book as a Christmas gift last year, and it changed my life. Your book was a requirement at his nutrition class at University of Portland.

  19. Eman Name

    Thank you Dr. Greger 🙂

  20. Nick handsome

    You sir are a don

  21. Gina Lombardi

    Awesome! I'm a community dietitian working mainly with ppl trying to lose weight. This will help me to help them!!! 😊👍

  22. Reginald Finley

    First diet book I have ever ordered. I don't need to diet. I'm just looking forward to reading the evidence that he's compiled and reviewing his conclusions. I am considering fitness coaching on the side so this may go well into my library.

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