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  1. Erika Schwartz MD

    You suffer but only from time to time. The patients that come to see me come to me because they don't want to suffer even if only time to time. I stand by your choice to suffer only from time to time.

  2. StagArmslower

    I love my coca cola, beer and coffee and I eat at 11 pm. I suffer but only from time to time versus those little pleasures. So whats a little pill? Americans are being stuffed with prescription medication so over the counter drug which controls acid production cant be that bad.

  3. BigFishingShop

    If reflux is persistent, and other symptoms persist such as pain, flu like and darker greasier stools and diharrea, get checked for H-Pylori or Helico Bacter Pylori, a Bug, it is way mose common than thought, Mastic gum kills it and also is a wonderful acid reflux and stomache disorder natural remedy. How do I know, H-Pylori almost killed me and I have had this hand in helping many others to figure this out.

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