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  1. Md Asad

    Osm exercise…this really works…

  2. Chandra Thara

    It looks like yoga

  3. David Hammond

    Amazing, immediate relief after several days of lower back pain from improper exercising.

  4. Victory Channel

    That is perfect for me . Thank you

  5. Barman Fitness

    Sir I m from India.. I am a player.. My problem is that when I play hard , i have pain in leg upper joint and lower core..and sir when I stopped play for a month then it reduce my pain…Sir I don't want to quit my game..pls suggest Sir

  6. Living Free Forever - Melody & Ric Schafer

    This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you!

  7. Dimitri Jeet

    Thanks alot for this..I am currently undergoing L5 S1 disc slip recovery and was wondering how I would get some form of exercise..

  8. claudia Sanchez


  9. jxhf Gonza

    Anyone notice this is doctor oz

  10. Zdeno Chara

    No bulging disc but I slept wrong and woke up with a strain in my back and it was sore when taking deep breaths, this helped alot I was able to.l breathe in deeper with less minor pain. Thanks

  11. Madhu Mithra

    semma and pakka

  12. Wattsup famous videOS frOm MishaL's MaLik

    Thank you so much I'm very very fine now after this exercise …so thanks alot ….

  13. S.G Livingston

    Thank you Donavon. Perfect ending to my night.

  14. Adv. Swaroopa Desai

    hi Donovan, God bless you. I was suffering from lower back ache due to sudden sprain for a long time. Maybe for a couple of weeks. I tried many exercises, warming the body part with heating pads, etc. Last night I just saw your video and gave a try to above exercise. to be honest I was not sure but reluctantly I did it. In the morning, 95 percent pain or discomfort vanished. i witnessed the magic. thanks

  15. MyhDae

    Thank you so much♥️


    Very Nice.
    I am very much in relief.

  17. arafat islam

    please help me..i am a cricket player.i had a lower back pain injury last month and i am on exercises.but now I am feeling upper back pain too.what should I do now?

  18. Aslam Mandaviya

    This exercise really helps in lower back pain.. Truly humbled and grateful to you Dr.

  19. Dr Spine Chiropractic Clinic Bangalore

    Great demo and very clear instructions. Thank you for sharing.

  20. gck y


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