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  1. deanne goodfellow

    Whenever we win and In other words honestly win, when we conquer we become even more powerful as people, we proceed into a whole new phase and then we could improve. This change regardless of which it could be and for reasons yet unknown, is precisely what allows you to be better as a human. Grab hold of the modification and let’s alongside one another try to make 2018 the most beneficial year of our lives!

  2. Jeremy Whitt

    Thanks for the ideas Ms. Grace. I just joined the walking group on fit bit and saw your post. Thanks again for sharing

  3. Melissa Gomes

    Fitbit Fam here 👋🏋️‍♀️

  4. Patrice Monroe

    Girl you are doing very well 💕

  5. Linette Arroyo

    Great video girl! Mindset is key ☺️

  6. Clara W

    Fitbit fam💙great video

  7. LaBeauté

    I started my weight journey and today was my day 14 but I really like the idea about doing an account to keep track of it

  8. Diamynn

    Great video full of helpful tips. Here from FitBit. Thank you so much for sharing. Keep up the good work!!!

  9. Justifi B

    Here from Fitbit, another great vid 😏

  10. Mrs. Julia

    Thank you for sharing! I just started documenting my weight loss journey on you tube so this is really helpful! I love the lines and x's on the calendar idea!

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