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  1. Freddie Kinkton

    I just found this channel, for the past two years I’ve been getting really sick about once a month. It always starts with me waking up early in the morning with terrible stomach pain, my stomach feels really hot and bloated. That’s followed by the runs and vomiting most of the day coupled with these sulfur burps. It takes me a few days to feel better from the trauma. The last 2 months this is happening almost every week and I need some guidance, any thoughts on the matter will be helpful, thank you all.

  2. Gideon Harrison

    In your How i Healed my Hay Fever, Pollen and Ragweed video, while mentioning strep as the major root cause, and what foods feed it, you mentioned dairy, eggs, gluten… then you said grains. Grains would include things like rice, oatmeal etc. are you sure about this or was this a mistake. Furthermore, if you are sure grains are a factor can you give an explanation as to why or link a study please?

    Thanks, If you could reply asap that would be great.

  3. Joe C

    For Father's Day, I went over to visit my son about a hundred miles away. He wrote me a beautiful note in a card. I am really happy and touched by his beautiful note he wrote me. I am trying to concentrate on the positive. The negative is that he was drinking heavily on Friday and Saturday, and when I arrived on Sunday his apartment was dark and he was terribly hungover. Yet he felt obligated 2 spend time with me even though he needed to just vegetate on his couch in his dark apartment all day. Before I even arrived to his apartment my gut feeling was that it would not be a pleasant day for me to spend it with a sick person. Although he tried his best to disguise the day as a pleasant visit for Father's Day. As a result, I gouged myself with any unhealthy food I could find laying around his dark apartment. I feel bad because he is obese, drinks too much, and has very bad acne. I have to keep positive though because he is a very good person, has a good job, a great girlfriend, and he is just a beautiful person. And he wrote me a beautiful note in My Father's Day card. I love him for that.

  4. Joe C

    so many thoughts come to my mind to share about this video. I will say that toxic people in my life, and good people in my life who have toxic habits that affect me. When I see loved ones doing toxic things I feel them deeply almost like it is happening to me. Next thing I know is that my thoughts become toxic and I start doing unhealthy things to myself. I started doing the sun setting, and sun rising things which I absolutely love. Love love love it. And I want 2 do something good for myself everyday 2 start a good neural pathway. I have some bad neural highways I am trying to lose. I have been minimizing, or eliminating time with some toxic people in my life, and hopefully finding new friends who feed into goodness.

  5. Beth McHugh

    Do you have any videos on how to heal SIBO?? I have suffered from severe bloating and trapped gas with pain in my small intestine area. I would so appreciate your help.

  6. Bianca Desilets

    You two complimented each other beautifully. … for years I have believed that foods do change us not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally; we become what we eat, read, watch and think. 🙂

  7. Sarah Tilling

    I love this and definitely good to hear about other ways of healing. I will start the 3 tips tomorrow (sunset, sunrise and a new pleasure pathway). Thank you ☺️

  8. Vanita Chadha

    Very informative video. Still curious to know about choices for lunch food. Thank Peggy.

  9. jennkan jennkan

    This is sooooo good Peggey!😍
    I lisen, I recognized me and feelt it.
    You were a good match and had great energy. So good that I listen to you twice in a row,liked every minute of it😍🙏🏻🌼🤩🙏🏻🌼😍🙏🏻

    Peggy! You are brave who dared to take the step of moving you and the company abroad💡🛩🌐☯️🙏🏻
    I hope every thing are good on every level whit you in Panama, I am realy glad for the succses now and more tp come ☯️🍀🙏🏻🌞
    I Sending you good thoughts, good vibes , and a lot of warmth🧘‍♀️🌞🍀☯️🎶💡🌼🌻🌵🌴🌹🍏🍎🍊🍉🍌🥥🍍🍓🍈🍒🍐🍇💝

  10. Anne Johnson

    Terrific, Peggy, thank you.

  11. Dissociation Problems

    Something that helped me on my healing journey was belly breathing (breathing from your diaphragm). It helps to move lymph and helps your body to come out of fight or flight mode. I followed the book "Breathe" by Belisa Vranich. Also dance parties in the kitchen are great, to get blood moving, move energy and create good experiences. Sia's music resonated with me as I was coming out of traumatic experiences and finding gratitude for and joy in just being alive (the album "This is Acting" is great for this 🙂 )

  12. Dissociation Problems

    Thanks ladies. This video was very applicable for me. I'm continuing to connect the dots of my health journey, and now I understand why I had shingles when I was going through the worst of my PTSD (even though I was only 20 years old)!

  13. Alex LG

    I just bought your book. My husband and I have been sick for so long. We have tried and tried to heal but we have been homeless and had no money for organic food and always full of adrenaline. We are really hoping this book will start our journey to real healing if our gut. It is to the point now where neither of us can really eat anything. I believe in Peggy and I hope this works.

  14. donna

    Omg…the universe heard me…just feeling that my trauma has found a home in my joints…and I was just saying I have to eat clean…just a knowing…I feel that a good diet will finally release the trauma…my heart and mind are so much better now it is time to focus on my cells…. thank you so much !!!! Cannot wait for the sunset ;)))

  15. Rob Trammell

    You're a Rock Star 😉

  16. TheEarthycrunchy

    Hey! I know SoulGPS! I found her as I was healing from a traumatic, narcissistic relationship with my mother. It makes sense that my gut was suffering as I was healing. Then I found you Peggy and I’ve stepped up my healing! Thank you to you both!

  17. Health Man

    I’m 100% plant based diet now, but I can’t seem to take care of these viruses. Now I’m starting to get sharp chest pain, or pounding, all on the left side of the chest, and it seems to happen daily. I’ve also been doing one green juice every day for the last month. Incapable of physical exertion, and have problems with breathing everyday.

  18. Lorna o rourke

    Cut out gluten dairy eggs and sweets and started juicing and taking b complex magnesium slippery elm, L glutamine and moringa

  19. Gut Feelings

    What foods / lifestyle changes helped you the most after trauma or PTSD?

  20. Gut Feelings

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  21. kuluu 10000

    I'm the first one

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