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  1. PrettyKeli

    💚 💙 💜 Hey my Pretties 💚 💙 💜

    Comment Below:
    1. Have you ever Water Fasted? Yes or No
    2. Do you Want to? Yes or No
    3. How many Days have you / would you water fast if any at all?

  2. Janet Contreras

    Weighed – 185
    Current weight – 148
    Goal weight- 115-120
    Height- 5’1

  3. Bella Taylor

    Yesss thank you sis this is needed

  4. Xx Dimple Doll xX

    It can’t be possible to lose so much weight in just 30 days!!

  5. Rubee Mill

    Age: 12
    Weight: 57kg
    Height: 5’6
    Goal: 49kg


    So im fastinh right mow for spiritual and personal reason like evolving and atepping into my greatness. My goal is 30 days im on day 8 today has been my hungriest day but i still have high energy and im good. I work 2 jobs and i still do a walk or run when i feel like i got the energy for it. Im trying not to cheat but lord has today been hard i got this doe. I know i can do it

  7. Heaven Langford

    Age: 19
    Weight: 178lbs
    Height: 5’5”
    Goal: 138lbs

  8. dieinatubeoftoothpaste

    Weight: 216
    Goal: 170

  9. Vladi 83

    Weight:220 (210 I'm on day 6)

  10. maddie_ xy

    🙂 thank you for the informative video! I’ll definitely give this a shot!!

  11. Emujin Zolbayar

    Height: 164 cm
    Weight: 64.5 kg (I used to be 74.6 kg in the beginning of this year, and I lost weight slowly)
    Goal: 49 kg
    Goal for doing it 10 days: 59kg
    Take Off: Oct 4th – Oct 9th
    Day 1: 64.2 kg – Ok so today I had what I wanted, and I started tracking my water intake with Fill It Forward.
    Day 2: 65 kg – So today was the last day of meat and sweets. I didn't have any proper meals today and I overate before going to bed.
    Day 3: 64.9 kg – I didn't drink any other drink besides water today.
    Day 4: 64.7 kg – I ate some carbs in the morning and then gave up on them. I started drinking soup and had a salad.
    Day 5: 64.4 kg – I had soup, fruit juice, and coconut water but I also ended up eating noodles because my dad made me noodles and I didn't want them to go to waste.
    Day 6: 64.1 kg – I ended up having a bagel in the morning. But then I had Japanese Clear Broth for Lunch with coconut water. Then I only had water until my stomach started growling in the afternoon. I was about to go to class then work so I had a snickers bar. Yeah not so great.
    Flight: Oct 10th – Oct 19th
    Day 1:
    Landing: Oct 20th – Oct 24th
    Day 1:

  12. Maria Maria

    You are amazing. To all I also recommend this channel. Water fasting.

  13. nichole lin

    Age : 15
    Weight : 270
    Height : 5’7 1/4
    Weight goal : 200

  14. MJ Moody


  15. Fahim Rahman

    You are very talented. Please! go ahead.

  16. 1000 subs challenge without any videos

    Age: 12
    Weight: 65 kilograms :'(
    Hight: 5' something
    Goal: 100 Lb
    I'll update in a few weeks

  17. Laraib samad

    Age: 14
    Goal: 100lbs

  18. c h i m y u i

    Age: 13
    Weight : 65kg
    Height : 157cm
    Goal : 49kg
    – I'm going to update after 1 month wish me luck 😉

  19. Dxnay Quechol

    Height: 5'1
    Goal :98

  20. Shauna Downes

    We're would you be able to buy the smoothie for on the second day

  21. Lol Lol

    Age: 13
    Weight: 160 Ibs
    Height: 4”10
    Goal: 110ibs

  22. Larain Black

    I thank God for you. I’m going to follow this step by step and I’m sure I will be more successful than I was when I just dived in with out prepping. Also I like how you say have a goal but don’t make it set in stone. It helps your mind not feel too obligated by fasting therefore making the temptation to eat subside

  23. Candy Cookie Trina Paul

    Current weight:55kgs

  24. Charlie 502

    Age: 27
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight 528 pounds
    Goal: 97 pounds

  25. pepperoni soda

    Age: 13
    Weight: 160 🤢
    Height: 5’2
    Goal: 115

  26. Priscilla Oliver

    So many young people are commenting. Your young bodies are still developing!

  27. fablady Williams

    You fasted for 30 days without food?

  28. Ilene Abraham

    Thanks for the video hunny💖

  29. Elaisa

    Age : 13
    Weight : 105.8
    Height : 4,10
    Goal : 101

  30. tajha williams

    Please drink water people half your body weight in oz

  31. Isabella Young

    Age: 12
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 180.0 lbs
    Weight Goals: 130.0

  32. Patrice H

    Dry fast us Better

  33. Naseem Thedream

    Good Video Pretty Keli, your in sight is very helpful and on point to young ladies and the men who want to lose weight but don't no how Salute to you and you keep going Strong 💪

  34. Jeremia Glenn

    lmfao i’m not sure why everyone is doing this but :
    age : 21
    height : 5’0
    weight : 160
    goal : 130-135

  35. 400LB Fasting Daisy

    Just watching today you video came up in the time of need. I was very depressed today and I made my first youtuber video. I’m saying all that because your video help me Thank You May God Bless

  36. Anika A

    Didn’t learn shit. Save your time!

  37. J Mond0

    FINALLY….. someone whose specific. THANK YOU

  38. FlippFlapp

    I'm 58 lbs and I wanna lose weight cause everyone says I'm getting fat :<

  39. Yvonne Bales

    i dont need instructions to starve myself….

  40. Rich Broke

    Age: 18
    Weight:480 lbs
    Height: 5’5

  41. kelley grace

    gonna try my best to do this this week!!!

  42. Alanna Hart-Ienn

    Height: 5'3
    Weight: 130
    Goal weight: 110

  43. Perrilla Love

    So do we only drink water and broth?

  44. Diana Marie

    Age 20
    Weight 135
    Height 5’2
    Goal 115

  45. KayMukbang

    Age: 12
    Height: 5.6
    Goal: 100

    Start: September 17 2019
    End: October 1st 2019

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