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  1. himeji ayasaki

    Where do you live??

  2. Mr Rayan

    Mam chany kj jaga shakr kandi salad ly sakty han. BECOZ i m highy colestrol.

  3. Madhu salanke

    Just awesome🤩

  4. Badriya Sheik

    Hi vicky ji ! Any substitute for salad in dinner

  5. Asian Queen

    Love you sweatheart…

  6. Sanju Sanju

    How many calories

  7. Estefany Aguilera

    Can you do a diet with hispanic food ?? I am trying to lose weight but my mom food is dangerous you can't resist

  8. Jhalak Shridhar

    Liked it pls tell that methi rotis will work for high BP people as well

  9. Sri Latha

    Oh my god
    How u r getting this ideas

  10. Siva Ilak

    Mam pls tell me how to remove dark cricle eyes and around the mouth

  11. Bisma Ansar

    Super diet plan 🥰

  12. nethraa sangeetha

    Very sweet voice dear

  13. hussain hasan

    Mam where is ur hindi channel.

  14. Evergreen kitchen simple recipes made easy

    Vicky plz mention calorie counts with each food item used in d diet plan so that we can get idea what is the calorie count of meals plzzzz do mention

  15. Afsha Hasin

    It looks more filling & tastier than your other plans

  16. Singh Sonia

    Superabbb….awsm vedio…..thnkw so mch…luv u bot sara….

  17. mohisina Shaik

    No eggs in the plan?

  18. mohisina Shaik

    Thanku somuch vicky..ur doing somuch benficial.. content.
    MAY GOD bless u and guide uh to goodness..ameen

  19. Fakhra Naaz

    In morning can I use oats with fat free milk

  20. Fakhra Naaz

    We can use 2 dates instead of Mable syrup

  21. Laila Afroz

    An amazing diet for winter! ❤️ I'm gonna follow this for sure! Thanks Vicky! ❤️

  22. taranpreetkaurarora

    Hi Vicky, are you a dietician??

  23. Bahjath Siraj

    I want to lose 10 kg in a month is this possible
    Can we alter regular oats n any fruit for apple in the morning
    Egg as alternative for chickpeas??
    Why we should avoid banana
    Ll there be any constipation problem
    Plz reply @ versatile vicky
    I’m having my marriage on jan 2 I want to lose weight mam
    I’m believing only in u
    Plz reply mam🥺

  24. Taanya Sharma

    The way u r explaining recipes and diet plan plan its helping fans to follow easily
    Great job dear

  25. R Bhardwaj

    is there any other option for eve snack other than chickpeas

  26. Taanya Sharma

    Thanq dear

  27. nitasha mehra

    Can this be done with IF

  28. Bushra Gazi

    Maam, can teenagers follow this diet? Plz reply

  29. bts loves India saranghe

    Happy Thanksgiving mam💜💜💜💜💜

  30. Deepak Jadhav

    Where do you stay?

  31. Mahek Hussain

    Can we have Eggs in breakfast instead of oats,, plzz reply

  32. Princess Diamond

    How many calories is this diet plan?

  33. ayesha sadaf

    Very nice madam i really need it in thyroids problem

  34. Zaini Afaq

    How many roti eat in lunch

  35. alluri sravani

    thanks for perfect timing

  36. R. victoriya

    I'm breast feeding mother for 4 month baby , having hypothyroid and now suffer with leg nee pain due overweight. my height 164 & weight 90kg…pls guide me for weight loss

  37. Asma Sharief Mohammad

    If we like to do intermittent fasting.. How to follow this dite.. Im on intermittent fasting.. Should I skip breakup fast… Mam replay plz

  38. F Z

    Is it good for uterus fibroid patient?

  39. Addicted To Jesus

    Hello Vicky , hope you’re good
    I really love your diet plans your amazing. I need to lose 20kg and I need to know how to lose weight while breast feeding

  40. Lucky Khalid

    Lovely diet plan thanks a lot tea le sakte hn???

  41. Mehak Khan

    Kia m dinner m brown rice la sakty ho plz batage

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