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  1. Blessed Babe

    Look at a pound of butter! U lost a pound! Very good!
    I had set a goal to start not eating after 7 pm I was 4 out of 5 this week !

  2. Debs Oregon

    Omg I immediately started laughing. Gahhh you are my sister from another mother 🥰

  3. Carolyn Philpott

    “By George,I think she’s got it!”Congrats 🥰

  4. Bonnie Patton

    AWESOME!! Thanks for being YOU and inspiring us😘

  5. Virginia Matulich

    Love love love! You look vibrant!

  6. Liz Arnott

    Omg you’re great! 😂

  7. Irene Bonomo

    Love your video. Great lost and you fit in you jeans!!! Question: Do you know why we pass gas when we get up from a chair, etc. It's very embarrassing!

  8. Helen Kennedy

    U totally made my day, thank you 😘💪💜💙

  9. Active Rachel Anne

    I totally agree with you! Yes get that stinking thinking outta my head. Great work OB the loss😘👍❤

  10. Tricia Lynn

    Ha ha the beginning is hilarious… "They fit… Are you ok?" Lmao

  11. Mel

    Proud of you !!! 🤗

  12. Amy Common Sense Southern


  13. Cathy Spencer

    Yay for getting in those jeans! Love that phrase stinkin thinkin! My thinkin has been pretty stinky and his week…I need to own my feelings and quit eating them. It’s a roller coaster of a journey for sure!

  14. Stacey Atac

    Oh Stephanie – I do not know what we did to deserve you, but I am so grateful that we are on this long journey together. Not only do you keep it real, you provide deep heart smiles by adding joy, laughter and sunshine along the way that help us cut through some of the darkness that any long journey can bring – Thank you for being amazing & wonderful YOU – YOU ROCK!

  15. TimetoShrink

    Yessss girl! If you are making that next loving choice, the just relax into it and Trust the JOURNEY- this is what I always preach to myself and others!!

  16. Tiffany Zoe

    I absolutely LOVE your channel. Just discovered you a couple weeks ago. You’re hilarious and put me in a great mood about my own weight loss! 🙂

  17. Missy On Keto

    God I love you so much! You’re doing awesome and I have faith in you!!! Keep the videos coming! ❤️

  18. JulV Wildcat

    My husband loved you trying on your jeans. He really got a kick out of it and so did I. I'm so glad they fit. That is another victory for you along with that one pound loss. Great job.

  19. kayla H

    Non scale victories are my favorite! My favorite so far is that I had to get my wedding rings resized because it was falling off whenever I moved my hands. Went from a 9.5 to a 6.5!! We got this girl!!!!! (and everyone else!)

  20. R P

    Great "coffee tawk" (are you too young for that SNL reference?) Cheers to the highs and lows of the journey and continuing on…no matter how long it takes.
    Congrats on fitting into the jeans. Woohoo! Yet another non-scale victory. BTW, your hair looks great. The color and cut are perfect for you!

  21. Leah Mae

    The intro was amazing.

  22. Ela Lifts Bacon

    OMg i love you lol we all have those pants!! Girl a lb is a lb!!!

  23. Kathy Delisle

    Good for you for keeping a positive perspective on your journey! It will see you through to your goal! I've felt the negative discouragement creeping in (should give him a name too, lol) when I've been up 2 lbs one week, then down 3 lbs the next, when I've done everything exactly the same! But hey; 3-2=1, so I'll take the credit for that 1 lbs loss;)

  24. TheAutumnHeather

    your hair is gorgeous in this video!!! 🙂 Rock the weekend!!! #onepoundisonepoundgone!

  25. charlamara

    Seriously. Your skin is looking better and there is more light in your eyes. These are noticeable changes in addition to the one more pound. Hurray!!! 😁

  26. Skinny Jeans 4 Lifetime

    #YouGoGirl 😁

  27. Ana Nimity

    You're awesome! Watching your videos is like sitting down and talking with a friend. You say it like it is but you can add comedy to make a serious topic funny. On this journey laughing is necessary. I am enjoying being a fabbie!

  28. Linda Richmond

    Good morning! Always enjoy your blogs….I relate so much… I bought pants a size smaller….can't wait to wear them….bless your journey….you can do this!!!!!

  29. Jen Jen

    My husband said to me. . I wish you could see the person I see. . Then maybe you could love yourself as much as I do . . .if that don't hit home . . So. . I try to see myself like the people who love me do. . .We got this Stefanie 🌟👍❣️

  30. Lyn Marie Sbarglia

    Slow and steady wins the weight loss race. I only weigh myself once a month but have a monthly goal outfit to work towards. Keep going your an inspiration!

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