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  1. Keto Kamp

    🎥Keto Diet Playlist: http://bit.ly/2p8Wycv
    🎥Fasting Playlist: http://bit.ly/2nElic9
    🎥Dr. Pompa Interview on Dry Fasting: http://bit.ly/2rAtqwl
    🎥4 Ways to Master Keto & Fasting: http://bit.ly/35UfnAB
    🎥How to Break Your Block Fast: http://bit.ly/2P2A8mA

  2. solange fitness

    I've just discovered Your channel (of course – subscribed:)) and now I binge watch Your videos!!, they are so informative, I'm from Poland, where IF is not a very popular thing. I started my journey with IF with 16-8 method, know I practice 18-6 most days of the week (5, sometimes 6) and one day 16-8 or without fasting. I have hypothyroidism and I have a question: what is the best way to fast, when you suffer from inactivated thyroid and what else I can do ? Thank You for all You do for us, best wishes from Poland!

  3. Naro Imchen

    Can we have coffee, green tea, Acv during fasting? Please answer my query.

  4. Jerris Mapes

    I really like dry fasting!!

  5. RePlayBoy101

    i eat like a pig one week and the other week i only eat at 12 and drink water for the rest of the day … is this fasting?

  6. Louise Garcia

    Hello Ben, I was wondering if you have heard of this weight loss program before? https://wantedsecrets.com/weightloss It looks like a great program to help people lose weight, I am just looking for some opinions before I make my decision. By the way, I love the content you have been posting lately! You are such a motivation to me!

  7. margaret difford

    I love this advice, I've been doing 18/6 for a few weeks and weight loss has really stepped up and I'm feeling great.

  8. Preethi Celine

    OMD is best thats what i am doing now,I have got 6 more kgs to loose but I wish to do a block fast I feel hungry at the end of the 1st day especially at night

  9. Wermis Nivar


  10. Jim Battaglia

    Great video. I like the 5-1-1 method

  11. Sharon

    I love how you explain things. You are doing an amazing job. I mix up most of the methods you have outlined. I don't dry fast though.

  12. Mosbornio

    I have done the 18/6 and am interested in trying the 5-1-1. Thanks for explaining all these options and their benefits.

  13. dialynn44

    This channel is TOO TECHNICAL FOR ME…….

  14. mary nguyen

    My preferred fasting protocol is 5:1:1 weekly. I also do 3-5 day water fast monthly. My question is why toward the end of my 18 hours fast, and from day 3-4 of my block fast, I often experienced watery stool? This can go on for 3 days after my block fast. I have good regular bowel movements ( 2 times) on daily basis otherwise, no IBS or any digestive issues. Thanks so much Ben!

  15. mohammed alhur

    I cant do more than 16 hours fasting
    My ketone level is 1.6 this morning
    Any advice

  16. Sandy Woodbridge

    Love them all can try them all. Very clear and detailed explanation thank you

  17. Tabania Crockett

    Thank you so much for all you contribute, Ben. I alternate. M-W-F I do OMAD and the rest of the week, 18/6. I typically do a 3-day water fast fairly frequently, like every 4-6 weeks. I'm interested in the stem cells, growth hormones & BDNF. Interestingly, I learned the break any fast with protein and fat accidentally. I would typically have eggs, green veggies, ghee for my first meal. Then I got a a waffle iron a tried a chaffle for my OMAD. Dropped 1.5 lbs that day. So my next 18/6 day I didn't have any green veggies until toward the end of my eating window.

  18. Lilette Liburd-Lewis

    I love your work and I am always fascinated by the fasting videos. I just completed my first 3 day fast. When would be a good time to try another block fast? I am currently on OMAD which works both with my schedule and because I don't get hungry that often any more. The funny thing is I only get hungry when I've eaten a meal. On OMAD I usually eat late evening so by the time I get hungry again, it's bedtime.

  19. billy sagonas

    Hey Ben, Another informative video! I follow a keto/ if which i alternate starting with IM on sundays then back 2 back very clean keto fri & sat& i usually wait anywhere from 5 to 7 hrs in between meals.I always train fasted even on days where i eat keto so i have a question my bodyweight is around 175 but I notice that can fluctuate when I do eat( about 5- 10 lbs. so my question is that normal or do I need to do anything different?

  20. annette gonzales

    OMG! I have been a loyal follower on youtube, and the ketokamp podcast and on instagram for about 4 months when i started my keto journey and now im an official keto kamp member, yay! so excited to have u as a coach TheBenAzadi😁 and to learn from one of the best in this space. GO KETO! 💪🏽

  21. Barbara Smith

    I'm not sure I understand a particular concept in your video.

    You indicated that Dr. Thomas Siegfried has seen cancer tumors shrink before his eyes in his patients when they achieve maximum autophagy.

    I will definitely need to follow his work as you recommended because I've noticed that some people who are very ill don't eat much at all, if anything, anyway.
    And they do not survive their illness.

    So how did he come to the conclusion that it was maximum autophagy through fasting that caused the tumors to shrink?

    Is there a difference between starving and achieving maximum autophagy?

    How would I go about following his work as you recommended?

  22. B A

    I have lately tried fasting 19 hours 4 days in a row and my blood sugars fall to 3.9 (measured in the morning!) (I have Dia 2) That is hypoglycemia and not good! I have followed Keto and intermittent fasting (7 days a week) since May this year and mostly I did the 16/8 method. Sometimes I went up to 17 and 18 hours, but only 1 day in the week the rest of the days I kept my 16/8 approach! But my weight loss started to slow down so I found out I would try the 19/5 approach…. But on the 3rd and 4th day my blood sugar was like I told you: 3.9, hypoglycemic….. Can you explain me what might have lead to that to happen?

  23. Teridacktal Jones

    If a person was on a water fast for 10 days, how long should a person keep going if they are feeling fine?

  24. DebbieTDP

    hi Ben, I've done OMAD for 2 days now, my ketones went from 0.8 to 1.5 ! Blood sugar is ok, around 90, I always had over 120 (140+ post prandial) as a diabetic t2 for 17 years. I will do OMAD tomorrow too, then I will have a feasting day, followed by a 2 days water fast. Hope this is ok ?

  25. Alexandra Shaw

    My husband has a normal BMI but just wants to lose a bit of weight to get down to the lower end of normal. I suggested that he do 18/6, when he was thinking of doing longer fasts. Thanks for the confirmation that an 18/6 fast is best suited for him. Appreciate it. I'll show him this video.

  26. Mindy Blan

    I lost 85 lbs doing OMAD and 2-3 day fasts once a week. I did this in 7 months. I have now been stalled for the last 2 months. I know my body has to heal before it will loose a lot more but is there a way to shake things up? I have quit the 2-3 day fasts for the time being (I am loosing a lot of hair and thought this would help) so my body won't get used to it and plan to restart them. Any suggestions to speed things along? ( I know this is not a race but getting discouraged and don't want to lapse back into old ways)

  27. Isabel Casillas


  28. C Witham

    Hey Ben, You know your surname Azadi means 'Freedom and Liberty' – right…? How appropriate bud!

  29. Ginny Almanza

    Good afternoon Ben! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving ❣️ as usual, your video on fasting was very informative and I learned more about it 😊 however I'm surprised you didn't mention alternative day fasting. Would love to hear your thoughts on this method!

  30. Tiffani Hall


  31. Cecilia Diaz

    I've been gaining weight the week leading up to my period. I loose weight and gain a few when I do my hormone building days, than I have to work on losing that before I can tap into the 12 lbs I needed to loose still. I hope I'm making myself clear. Any suggestions Ben?

  32. Cecilia Diaz

    OMAD is my favorite or what I need. I still have about 12lbs, I would like to loose.

  33. Cecilia Diaz

    I have a complaint about the keto-mojo, it checks the glucose fine, but when I go to check ketones it gives me codes and it doesn't work. Codes are E-U and E-F and it's making waste alot of strips.

  34. Prof. Dina Reyes

    Love u bro!

  35. hiwa

    Down 75 lbs. in 10 months, 20# to go. 18/6 and 20 crbs a day.
    Thinking of going omad…

  36. Iris .Zarakhovsky

    Hi Ben. I'm at my goal weight, but I'm really addicted to OMAD. It's easy for me and it feels fantastic: both the feeling of emptiness during the fasting part and the pleasure of eating during those 2 hours. My meals are low carb, not keto. Is it OK to continue OMAD (forever)))? Thanks.

  37. Marlene

    I want to try 5 1 1

  38. Stephan Kruit

    5-1-1 sounds good, because missing my croisants with marmalade and cheese. But good vid bro. Still loosing weight her.

  39. Xx PENUTS xX mwananjambe

    I do OMAD and trust me that is the best decision ever …here I am yesterday, today and tomorrow 🙋🙋.

  40. Nora Anguiano

    Can’t decide I enjoyed all of them.

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