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  1. arzu khan

    I will try it

  2. Iqbal Memon

    If i can chew more than 32 time can i do any problem tu cause nahi hugi na??

  3. Iqbal Memon

    Does any body try it?

  4. M Imran

    Love you man from Pakistan. You are just awesome

  5. Suman Lata

    Aapne vdo ke end me emotional kar diya thanku so much for this vdo 👍

  6. Samreen Kouser

    thank u for the tips if 32 times chewing food.
    can u please tell me which neutrition brand u use??

  7. Mona Kapila

    Well-done sir

  8. ashurahulgade rahulgade

    Very helpful

  9. Information and entertainment

    kon kon attend kiya sir ka seminar

  10. Information and entertainment

    sir you are great

  11. M C Hubli Hubli


  12. maha a

    Yes.. Islamic last prophet taught the same.. and Muslims that time didn't require even doctors as diseases decreased suddenly..cz they only eat when they feel hunger and avoided eating stomach full

  13. aarti sharma

    I salute sir

  14. Sana Azim

    Superb sandeep realy appreciated

  15. princess mishti Riya

    really nice video

  16. Monika Sarin


  17. A K creation

    thanks sir

  18. Pavithra K

    "I can make u thin" by Paul McKenna
    Went through whole video again to find its name 😬


    thank you very much sir

  20. S Bhanushali


  21. Vaishnavi Sawant

    Too much Awesome

  22. Arush kumar tera_future_husband

    I am going to start …..and come after 2 week okay.. i will give feedback

  23. Maha Adam

    Muhammad pbuh already given us this lesson of eating that chew ur food about 36 times. He gives us all lessons of living.


    Paradigm shift

  25. Philnthropist Philnthropist

    It's not a theoretical version but practical information nice.

  26. Vijay Sharma

    thank you so much sir for advice

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