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  1. Veronika ViVi

    Can this is done fast in a instapot

  2. itay mitra

    Fantastic thanks a lot,,

  3. Emily Kelbell

    Sheep sorrel root I thought. Rene Cassie said roots not leaves I thought.

  4. Silvia Logan

    I have not noticed those ingredients to make essiac tea at my local health food store where I live in Ottawa, Canada. I have seen either the liquid form of Essiac tea and the supplement form. I took Essiac tea once, but I did not overdose. I only took a teaspoon.


    Essiac Tea
    INGREDIENTS & STORAGE: 1.) Burdock Roo 1 1/2 # Cut t (Arctium Iappa), 2.) Sheep Sorrel 1# Powdered, 3.) Slippery Elm 1/4# powdered (Ulmus fulva), 4.) Turkish (Indian) Rhubarb Root (Rheum palmatum): Stored in a tightly sealed dark glass container away from light.
    PREPARATION: Use 1 oz to make 32 oz. of tea. Bring water to a boil in a steel pot for 15 minutes. Cover with a lid and steep for at least 12 hours. Then reheat below boiling and turn off. Allow time for all the herbs to settle to the bottom and strain removing the herbal sediment. Then pour the tea into a tightly sealed glass container and allow to cool. Then refrigerate and use as recommended (sweeten to taste using organic honey, stevia or monk fruit to taste).
    APPLICATION: General Health; Drink 1/2 ounce of tea in 2 oz. of water. Gradually increase to 1 oz. of tea in 2 oz. of water 1x daily. Always increase water consumption when drinking the once a day Essiac Tea.

  6. Liz Keith

    lots of oxalates in that stuff, though…..

  7. LoveToRead3

    Is essiac tea a good idea for someone with a estrogen related cancer? I seem to remember something about this upping estrogen production. can someone who's qualified try and clarify this? TIA!

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