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    Thanks mam for ur lovely recipes. I reduced 13 kgs by following your recipes

  2. Chaandni Raat

    Love it 😊

  3. Hand craft at home

    I am going to make it tomorrow …

  4. rajesh nayar

    Mam any recipe for hair fall controll or hair growth

  5. mish *

    Is the readymade coffee packets in stores OK to use for this???

  6. anu nair

    Those who like black coffee for them it's a good alternative because it taste almost same… The ghee does not make any difference as one won't get to know the taste… Dal chinni is optional cause if you put in this than its all its taste…
    People who like milk creamy coffee for them it will take time to adapt to the taste… But if it's healthy than one should try.. .

  7. kshiti patil

    Hello madam,
    I am the biggest fan of your recipes. I had already tried your all healthy recipes and i will be always waiting for your new recipes.
    I am leaving bachelor in pune, Maharashtra. Will you please try some healthy maharastrian recipes?
    Like you already shared jawar roti, chilla, thalipeeth.

  8. shreemhreemkleem

    A2 desi ghee? I dont know what that is, but just good quality ghee in general is fine right?

  9. okk स्त्री

    Easy yet healthy gonna try it

  10. SARA A.P

    Maam, is there any way for hair regrowth for s pcod patient. …pls reply

  11. Bajiavlogs


  12. Dr Subhalakshmi

    Excellent drink. I did it today.thanks mam

  13. keerthana kalyan

    Thanks for recipe mam. All your recipes are easy and healthy and well explained. I have a question, does everyone with pcod should avoid milk and dairy products?

  14. Rida Mubeen

    Hi, can you please tell which coffee you have used? Thanks

  15. Archana n

    Mam very interesting recipe it is I will surely try . Coffee is my favorite but was searching ways to make it healthy.. will surely try this.. one question can we add jaggery to this ?

  16. FameMc Holy

    Hey mam! I really appreciate your hard work.. thank you !

  17. Ketaki Metkar

    Make a vedio on how to maintain iron pan & also how to use it for first time

  18. Liji Arun George

    Hi mam ..is this good for thyroid and rheumatoid patients. Please tell.

  19. Animesh Barik

    Mam, can I use tea instead of coffee and also when to take this empty stomach or after breakfast? Please kindly reply

  20. joe Sree

    I love coffee…I really dnt know proper prep of bulletproof …the best vedio thanq mam

  21. Siji Salim

    Mam, i am a feeding mom.. coffee nt advisable dis time. Can i drink dis coffee??? am a coffee lover.

  22. Kalyani Kamila

    Hi mam…can bulletproof coffee be taken after taking thyroid medication in morning….how much time gap should be allowed between the two and after how much time breakfast can be taken

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