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  1. floral capacity

    mais où est la sous tires?

  2. Weedney Use Stone Tahiti

    Même sans maquillage elle est magnifique,toujours la même qu'à l'époque de Dark Angel ❤

  3. ReneeC43

    I always love watching her do her makeup and talk about it!

  4. Bubbles _

    You look like me and I am 20 years old….. You have children also…..

  5. Megan Withers

    What foundation does she use ?

  6. Clara Romelia

    Se ve exactamente igual con o sin maquillaje 😵

  7. xoJBLoverzxo

    She’s so pretty but seems like she has no personality in the video at all

  8. sara bruno

    That mattifying primer idea is the best tip ive seen on utube in a WHILES esp for us dry as fuck skin girls

  9. Lui

    Hey makeup routine is almost “backwards” in a way 😮👏👍💕

  10. Aude Masson

    est ce que ça veut dire que sa marque de cosmétiques va arriver en france ?

  11. Яна Белозерова

    She is naturally beautiful, def don’t need a lot of cosmetic

  12. Nataliya Bondar-Shelest

    Love this video! She looks amazing! What's the name of the device she used after the moisturizer/primer? I'm in my mid-50s, so I really love face massagers like that. They really help the skin look younger.



  14. A B

    she looks like she is 25…

  15. Sophie Dolan

    Ok but im ugly

  16. Αφροδιτη Αθανασοπουλου

    God.she dont grow up!she is like a little child!

  17. Carolina Leal

    What’s the name of the device?

  18. Moon Light

    Girlllll, you're younger than all these 20 y o IG f*** blogger/makeup artists !!!!

  19. lina liewa

    я первая

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