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  1. Lean Life Coach

    ✔ ONLINE COACHING: Sign up for 1-on-1 fitness and nutrition coaching with Jason. https://goo.gl/fkumsj

  2. Delman

    low carbs and avoid certain vitamins as just found out also, slowly battling it :)… After cosh, couple decades of acid reflux, gerd…. Get bacteria in gut, need the acid, lowering the acid, is what makes things worse… All a catch 22, a con… for the money… Cause think they know now..

  3. Ni Sa

    I just started mastic gum, manuka honey, digestive enzymes and Probiotics just don't know in what order I need to take them currently taking Mastic gum 30 minutes before breakfast…Also do I need to add matula tea? should I take a breath test…I didn't see a point cuz I am against antibiotics so Ur video is great I will buy the Zink product u mentioned

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