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  2. I am just a mom doing the best I can

    What about while pregnant?

  3. icy hot


  4. The Virtuoso

    I'm searching this because I smoke and drink and I need quick relief from acidity

  5. Al Diller

    Neutralizing the acid is a quick fix but not the answer. You need more acid to close the esophageal sphincter and stop the reflux I have learned. I use apple cider vinegar 2 swigs 1/2hr before meals. Don’t eat a late dinner and don’t over eat, I was able to get off my med a ppi which is bad for you.

  6. Arisha Rahman


  7. mak hines

    not accurate

  8. Larry Banks

    I love this

  9. alexia's Edits

    Well i can't drink milk cause i'm lactose intolerant

  10. alexia's Edits

    Ughhh i have had an acid reflux thing i think called Gerd or something

  11. Armywife70

    Be careful with the baking soda if you don't already drink enough water. It'll dry out your mouth and throat lickity split.

  12. Talal Javaid

    It is a season of acid reflux nowadays. Me too suffering from intense acid reflux.

  13. Arushi Sharma

    Nice Video Mam, I am also suffering from this problem but now I am using Planet Ayurveda Amalaki Rasayana. It's very effective.

  14. Archana Rana


  15. Carl Simbulan

    Idk if mine is acid reflux or heartburn, Everytime i swallow my siliva my middle chest get hurt but its not super painful, And if im swallowing food or water nothing is hurt on my chest. I just get the pain when i swallowing my siliva. But other like food or water nothing. And i did try to drink coke but im fine idk what is this is this just muscle chest pain? Or anything?

  16. Manuel Seda

    Did the baking soda hack about now it was nasty and I hope it really helps because as it now it’s giving nauseas

  17. Shenell McNealy

    Hello! I'm very excited! I finally got rid of this Acid Reflux Disease. I got tested and I'm negative.

  18. Carlo Castro

    I mean folic acid

  19. Carlo Castro

    I think the person who has acid reflux can't drink milk because it has acid like folio acid

  20. bowesugera

    I have suffered from acid stomach, bloating and acid reflux for years, including candida infections and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Since I followed JM acid reflux blueprint and carefully went through all the 5 steps I was able to finally kiss those horrible symptoms goodbye. I no longer suffer from acid reflux, heartburn, gas or constipation and I try to maintain the healthy dietary principals in this program so far with great success. for more information about JM acid reflux program please click here : https://jmacidrefluxprograms.blogspot.com/

  21. Naz Mohammed

    I feel like i want to die with that heart burn

  22. Stone Cold

    Baking soda works the fastest for me.

  23. Martir Argueta

    thank you for making this video, i get acid reflux at least once a year and today is the end of the school year and im faded af and gotta attend to the luau dance in an hour or 2 and imma eat so many bananas and drink so much baking soda rn

  24. dfwfurniturestore

    I just drank a glass of milk and it made my stomach feel so much better. I subscribe

  25. rahman hussain

    1 Weird Trick Forces Your Body To Stop Acid Reflux
    and Heartburn In As Little As 48 Hours Guaranteed!

  26. kindra thompson

    Yes I got it from eating a lot of pizza

  27. ahmad bou hamzeh

    i usually eat corn flakes the original one not those chocolate/cookie one but the roasted yellow corn dry without milk!!! and with every bite i drink cold water immidient results like nothing happened

  28. La'teisha Dennis

    it still herts

  29. La'teisha Dennis

    I'm 12 an I did not try it yet because on CRISMIS it hrt an so I'ma try it?😥

  30. __Isabella___ ___

    I drank milk and it worked ! Thank god your a life saver!

  31. Sàŕä ĶH

    I suffer from acidity the things tht help me are cold milk, ginger..
    Wheras almonds n banana increase my acidity ..
    I guess every body responds differently..

  32. Rubi De

    I was suffering from acidity since 2 days ago, Tnxxxxxx for helping … I will choose banana for relief

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