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  1. Kevin O'Toole

    Hey Austin, how often should you do this? Thanks for posting it! You have a sixth sense! Every time I need something you pop up with a vid 🙏🏻

  2. shelly gupta

    Can u please make video on how to increase metabolism


    Do A Video On Muscle Spasm Upper Back Please I'm In So Much Pain

  4. Ik KS

    Hey Austin is there any exercise for ptosis?


    Also Apple Cider Vinegar…one tablespoon with stevia after eating,,,,works wonders…xoxo

  6. Compita94 Compita94

    I wana do a consult

  7. Matteo Gazzolo

    Thank You!!

  8. robert lerma

    Austin you have helped so many of us! You helped me with my tinnitus! God Bless You, Brother!

  9. Tornado River


  10. Intissar Sure

    🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷 🌟 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱

  11. Lala Torres

    You're my fave youtuber now. Everything helps. 💛

  12. mariama jaiteh

    Pls pls pls make a video on Rest less leg syndrome (RLS) 🙂

  13. kodular guy

    Thankyou sir

  14. Irving Jorge

    Can you please do a video on how to fix flat feet and overpronated feet 😭😭😭😭


    Thanks Mr, Austin as always great vídeo blessing

  16. VDLS

    You're the best Mr. Goh. Where did you learn all this?

  17. Interest and Fun

    Wow that was a cool onw

  18. Jasbir Kaur

    I have a swollen liver n spleen and suffering from jaundice. Do u have any remedies to this?

  19. monica joy

    I hope most people do get help through these different videos. I tried for 4 months to do exercises to help glaucoma. The pressure in my eyes went up with last dr visit. Going to opthomologist in the morn to find out for sure. I was so hoping the pressure would be reduced. I do believe austin guh can help some people though. Unfortunately I was not one of them. He did encourage me through my 4 months. I was grateful that he did seem to care. Good luck to all.

  20. sukhvinder garcha

    Hello sir my problem is this that my heart is beating very loudly which i feel whole day.i have a high blood pressure by 100/ 150….kindly give me the answer sir

  21. quince maxwell

    Can you make a video on asthma and how to cure asthma without inhalers because I notice I use it to much and other videos on YouTube say get lemon and 2 green apples and pomegranate and like 20 other ingredients like people have time to get all that stuff

  22. Dolsie Mercado

    I am doing this right now.

  23. MediusTerra Horn Duo

    Thank you for your help! Do you have a method to help get rid of acid reflux and also hiatal hernia?

  24. cachito ne

    The health core link tells me that it was deleted! Not found!

  25. cachito ne

    Hello Austin can you make a Video about restless leg syndrom? RLS!

  26. Fifa Foot

    Merci beaucoup professeur
    SVP professeur
    J ai trop de douleur au cou
    Et trop gonflé même l epaul fai doulereux
    J ai manger beaucoup paracetamol+ubuprofen
    Mais ça n a pas marché avec moi
    Si vous pouvez m aider svp profeseur
    Ç est très généreux de votre part

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