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  1. SimplyG

    Hi! I have acid reflux AND inflammation of the stomach (gastritis.) idk how to heal it! The doctor told me to not take any apple cider vinegar because of my stomach. I have been on a strong drug to stop the acid production in my stomach so my acid reflux and gastritis can “heal” but the drug has just been making things worse and I wanna heal my body naturally but idk anymore!! Idk if you know anything about gastritis but if you do please help me😓🙏🏼

  2. H. Abdirazak

    I've been having apple cider vinegar 20 mins before meals and it's helped me a lot!! So thanks for that! It's just difficult to get over the habit of drinking water or juice while eating. I was wondering how much apple cider vinegar to have (I've been doing a teaspoon because I'm not used to the taste yet) and also how long I should wait to drink water or tea after eating. Does that have an affect on reflux as well?

  3. Carpe Diem

    Get well soon

  4. sandeep tomar

    Medam night foll ka ilaj hai kya

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