How to prevent cellulite from happening to you!

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One day, you will notice the cellulite in the thighs and buttocks. You are frightened and decide that you will get rid of this annoying thing immediately. Browse the beauty magazine and decide to go to your local beauty shop to buy cellulite slimming cream. You don't mind paying because the cream promises to be visible in a week and is permanently reduced in just one month. You use the cream every morning and evening, and your skin will become smoother in a few weeks. You are proud of yourself, happy and satisfied, and thank you very much for your cream.

After a few months, the cellulite is back. This time it is more obvious. what happened? Of course, you have chosen a "quick and easy solution" without asking yourself what a cellulite is.

Cellulite is like a computer, and you can't fix it unless you know how it works and how it works. Cellulite reduction begins with knowledge and understanding where it comes from, and acknowledges that it does not disappear at night. Then you need a lot of will and dedication to get results.

But don't be discouraged. Elimination is possible. If you only adjust some lifestyle habits, eat healthy and do the right exercise, you will soon find that you can also have smooth and dimple free thighs and buttocks.

There are many ways to achieve cellulite reduction. But the first thing to do –

What is cellulite?

False statements are common. The most popular type is that the cellulite consists of trapped toxins and excess water under the skin, or the cellulite is pure fat. In fact, cellulite is a condition that affects the appearance of the skin, with potential fat deposits that give the skin an uneven appearance, and the orange peel skin is as we said. Cellulite is not just fat, but a combination of fat and potentially female connective tissue, in which fat is captured.

There are three layers of human skin. The deepest part of fat deposition is called subcutaneous tissue. This layer consists of fibrous connective tissue that is responsible for attaching the skin to the muscles beneath the skin.

Connective tissue is arranged differently in men and women, which is why cellulite is mainly a cause of female trouble. In most men, the connective tissue is arranged in a cross-hatched or diagonal manner into a smooth and continuous pattern. Female connective tissue extends vertically to form a fibrous band that connects the skin to the underlying tissue at some point. Essentially, this creates a discrete "fat chamber" that pushes the skin up while the belt pulls down the skin. When these rooms have a lot of fat, they squeeze the upper layer of skin, which makes the skin look like a dimple called cellulite.

An increase in the amount of adipose tissue in the fiber band not only presses on the upper layer of the skin, but also causes other problems. It can compress blood and lymphatic vessels, reducing blood and lymphatic flow at the site of infection. As a result, metabolism slows down and increases fat storage. In the final stages of cellulite development, fluid retention causes swelling, which leads to tissue transformation and tissue hardening. Therefore, it is very important to take action as early as possible; before the final phase.

As the visibility of cellulite deteriorates, the success rate of elimination of cellulite will also decrease. In the case of a healthy early female cellulite, if a person adheres to the correct diet and exercise program, the restriction of cellulite is 100% successful. The good news is that unsuccessful attempts are the result of mishandling the problem.

Another negative aspect of cellulite is aging. The production of collagen in the skin decreases with aging. This makes the skin less elastic and loose, making the cellulite more visible, especially if a woman does not pay attention to the problem properly, or she attacks it with the wrong information from the wrong perspective.

Key areas of cellulite

Yes, you guessed it – the most fat cells in the female body are in the thighs and buttocks; therefore, the highest proportion of women have the most obvious cellulite on the thighs and buttocks.

Is there a solution?

Now that you know what you are dealing with, let us see if there is a solution. You understand that cellulite is related to two main factors; the number of adipose tissue in the subcutaneous tissue and the specific characteristics of the connective tissue [thickness and its arrangement].

Another mayor is muscle. Adequate muscles cling to the tissues and skin, greatly improving the appearance of critical areas, not to mention the shape and appearance of the entire body.

Although you can't do anything with the arrangement of connective tissue, you can definitely affect the percentage of fat in your body and your muscle mass. A healthy diet and proper exercise are key to reducing cellulite. Without one or the other, the results will not come. Forget the cream, laser and other hoes and attack the cellulite in the right way. Stay tuned for practical tips on how to do this.

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