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  1. Keto Limones

    Thank you thank you dr berg for making this video it helped me tremendously.🙏🏼

  2. A I

    This must be why Versatile Vickey's egg diet seems to work so well.

  3. Sierra Jameson

    Great video , Dr Berg ! Thank you 🙏🏼

  4. faddiegirl

    God bless you for this video

  5. Zeyna Nd

    Is there a supplement of these minderals/vitamins all in 1 pill or something?

  6. Juju Juju

    Omg ,thank you I am waiting this type of video from long time thank you thank you

  7. Hema Patel

    Dr Berg can u do a video on postpartum weight loss after having a baby

  8. Judy Thompson

    Too much zinc can cause aortic tears.

  9. Sadia I

    Please make video on allergies specially dust n cats . I’m 33 and devolved dust allergies when I should be immune as we deal with dust all our lives . They not telling us something

  10. blackjenna

    What if choline makes one smell? Is there a a substitute?

  11. geht euch n scheiss an

    food > supplement ….. not the other way

  12. Jennifer Martinez

    Does this apply to people with out a thyroid? I no longer have one, but had or still have hashimotos.

  13. Yesim Marasli

    Taking iodine may increase anti tpo values. Be careful if you have hashimatos!

  14. Gerri Price

    Thank you! I have Hashimoto's. I feel awful even taking Natural dessicated thyroid hormones. I have been having issues with bile reflux and gastritis. I had an ultrasound and had fatty diffuse in my liver. I also had a HIDA scan, saying my gallbladder is functioning at 42%. Could my fatty liver be the reason why my bile is coming up into my stomach and my GB is low normal functioning??? Could you do a video regarding bile reflux please???

  15. kukisia

    please can you make more movies about losing weight and having hashimoto this one was the best I HAVE EVER SEEN!! thank you 🙂 p.s I am in very early stage I still have a chance to fix it with diet don take hormones yet but I am a board patient so the time is running …

  16. James O'Brien

    Hi Dr Berg, The main area I seem to store fat on my body is my hips which I've been told is due to a hormonal imbalance, what would you recommend to help ?


  17. nm_hb _vwq_h

    good video thanks alot good tips ..

  18. sebastian Demendoza

    Thank you Dr. Berg, you hit the spot. This is my case.

  19. B A

    Thank you for excellent information, sir. 🙏🌺 I have (among a lot of things”) Hashimotos and fatty liver! I see that I already take a lot of supplements that are good for me, so that makes me happy! I get a lot of new info from your “lesson” today and look forward to your next sending 😍 I wish you a great day 🙏🌺

  20. James Roa

    This man is spot on, genuis

  21. Segakweng Khutlapye

    Dr Berg, what if your thyroid is removed. You've been doing Keto & IF for almost 2 months but weight loss is minimal (300g to 700g a week) or none at all.

  22. llolo a

    Dr Berg i followed every bit of your advice on Keto diet for 10 days and it was amazing until in started having leg cramps and now its lower back pain which i never experienced before i have CKD i only did it for 10 days but now i stopped because I’m worried about the lower back pain… and leg cramps is it possible that kidney stone may have been formed in 10 days on Keto diet?when should i expect some improvement in the pain ? I would really appreciate your reply because i followed every single step you mentioned and it worked amazingly iM disappointed that i had to stop it thanks

  23. Sarah t


  24. Great News

    Since Fukushima, I will not eat anything from the sea. Not even seaweed.

  25. aya altaie

    Seriously!!! YOU ARE AMAZING THE WAY YOU EXPLAIN I need u in my medical uni 😭😭😭

  26. Magali Lugo

    Why do some doctors state that people with hypothyroidism avoid millet, processed foods, and supplements like selenium and zinc? While others say it is good to take selenium and zinc.

  27. Sherry Hodapp

    Zinc and selenium is in your adrenal and cortisol supplement. That’s prob why I lost the weight much quicker taking them. (I have hashimoto) did lose weight on your program initially but after 5 or 6 months I started the adrenal and that’s when the weight came off quickly….

  28. D Hoosier

    75% of thyroid removed 10 years ago. Choline, selenium, iodine, & zinc.
    Anyone know standard dosing when needing to have these to help thyroid out? Female, have 60 lbs. to go. Awesome video, Dr. Berg. Thanks so much! 👍😁♥️

  29. Preeti Oza

    I am not able to understand yr hard American english

  30. Heather* H

    I have had hypothyroidism for 12 years. I started keto June 1st and have lost 25 pounds!! I was a Whole Foods water for years and couldn’t lose tell I switched things around to high fat and I am so happy! Thank you!!

  31. Marilyn Minerva

    Dr. Berg, this was extremely helpful! Thank you!

  32. Alvita Henderson

    How can you do IF with hashshimotos, hypoglycemia, gallstones and can I take iodine?

  33. Aura Perez Pulgar

    Omg! You are amazin doc. You do make the most complicated topic into the much easier thing. Thanks!, I am a hypothyroidism patient. But I wanna ask you something, I do take Zinc and Selenium plus magnesio every day, however something happens on my mood, I feel stress, angry so, In a bad mood. What is this about?

  34. This Is My UzeHerName

    You are a life saver!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

  35. mollerbt

    Havn't you told us before that getting our vitamins and such from real food is always better then relying on supplements? I'm very confused. Maybe you can do a video on this?

  36. Jessica Mordacz

    God Bless you Dr Berg! I’m finally seeing the connections of what’s brought me to my health problems. Now I know what to get my GP to test. I think I have been lacking in Selenium, Iodine & zinc all my life, I’ve Lupus, DVT, (warfarin for life) & then I was having problems with my Vit D levels, raspy voice, brain fog & constant fatigue, gluten intolerance, (stopped bread,pastas etc) lead me to having Parathyroid surgery. No meds for the Thyroid problem now. Looks like they (Drs) should have investigated further, regarding these factors, well at least I’m now on the right track, Keto OMAD 16/8, into my 4th week & feeling very positive, it’ just feels so right, only problem is the greens, as you mention here sea kelp, with the warfarin, 😏 still eat broccoli & cauli , just not as much as I would like. I’m going to discuss this video with my GP tomorrow, when I told him I was following you & had started Keto, he was fully on board with it & happy to help & Guide me, even set up a 2 free Consultations with a Dietician, & 2 Appointments with a physio -exercises for my Lupus, Big Thank You!!!! 🙏💜🕯🇦🇺Au

  37. Hilbaby Mad

    I’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism since I was 16 years old. I am now 26. I go in yearly for blood work and to check my thyroid. Since being on Keto for a year, the dr told me my thyroid levels were normal. But yet my dr doesn’t believe it was my Keto diet, and is mad about my high cholesterol. I am switching drs. I wish I can see u as a patient

  38. mopardude1000

    Good stuff Dr. Berg.. Thank you for ur videos and good information.

  39. Alicia Dunn

    Thank you for this video! Great Video!

  40. Fatima E

    wow this came at such a perfect time, thank you for dropping this gem!!

  41. Carolyn W

    Thx u for simplifying things for us!

  42. whatta 1

    Any thoughts on chemical sensitivity doc? Very sensitive to supplements. I get serious brain fog. Supplements are to strong for me, even green tea kills me. Tried small doses of all kinds of supplements, and still to strong. Sure would greatly appreciate something on chemical sensitivity

  43. Maria Chavez

    I bought the brand Solaray zinc 50mg (as amino acid chelate complex), it comes with iodine 53 mcg(from kelp), and copper 2mg

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