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  1. Arthur Bradford

    is this. massage dangerous

  2. anajj83

    Its worth a try…. maybe you can feel better doing this than taking pain medication!

  3. Henrietta Bernard

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  4. Sharron Wynn

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  5. Amita Soni

    i have tried , its miracle

  6. Claudette Good

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  7. Dominique Chang

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  8. Henrietta Bernard

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  9. Sara Painter

    This is wonderfully detailed information. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  10. jinhi9005

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  11. bitcoin lovers

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  12. Dariel Greer

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  13. King Rans

    She got some nice feet. I love nice feet

  14. Don Jon Lon

    wow lov this …thanks ah M 🙂

  15. France Williams

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  16. warriorprince101010

    Good information.

  17. Tracy Douglas

    Do you suffer from your muscle problem and want to activate PNF Stretching? [Check Details Here==>https://twitter.com/jime_alase/status/865825339179622401 ]. PNF is an acronym for proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. It is a technique where you are activating a specific muscle to relax the muscles around a joint so you can decrease the stiffness around a joint.

  18. Phil Hill

    Will that mend a bulging disc

  19. CA CS Nitin Mahajan

    any reflexology points for weak eyesight??

  20. Poonam Sukhtankar

    could you please help me with reflexology points for vaginal pain and inflammation. please. thanks

  21. scott bashaw

    Have not tried it yet,..tho at first glance it looks like something wacky rich Hollywood would do,…..hope I am wrong

  22. Morin Bered

    you could cure back pain quickly and safely without the threat to suffer negative effects from prescription drugs.

  23. Olivia Elias

    Believe or not, there's a all natural treatments will be able to make it easier to cure back pain within 17 minutes.

  24. Rosalie Bearcroft

    I've suffered with back pain for years till learned a excellent remedy.

  25. Hemda Chatwood

    I have suffered with back pain for years till found a excellent treatment.

  26. Star J. Tillman

    I've lived with back pain for a long time till uncovered a very effective treatment.

  27. Sara G.

    Thanks, you are a great teacher. I'm filling in for another lmt today and she has a reflexology appointment, I haven't done that type of work since school and I needed a refresher! Thanks again 🙂 

  28. Barry Lorgan

    some may call it amazing….while the scientific community calls it pseudo science due to lack of empiric data. Relaxing to watch none the less

  29. schpoogie

    of course, coz it looks like the curvature of the spine. Amazing how the body designed itself like that….to have reflex points on the foot. And the spine is the part on the foot that has curvature. Amazing

  30. Dawn Henke

    I want that done to me.

  31. andzia.zach

    Oh how I wish she could massage my feet:)

  32. Joseph Pavelka

    well, what I saw was art, so… I guess it works out.

  33. metallicaholic43088

    yeh this lady is an artist google her name

  34. Joe james

    lets be honest, no one is ever gonna use this

  35. Shadowking1711

    Dafuq did I just watch

  36. Jacky Leung

  37. nicksprofile

  38. Calamity on Cassette


  39. Calamity on Cassette

  40. Sean Gentri


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