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  1. JIM C

    I have had double knee replacements. The crossed leg exercises are painful. Should I proceed at an eased pace or should I stop altogether.
    Thanks, JIM

  2. Julio Inoa

    Love your videos. Currently, I have lower back pain due to a car accident and also I have pain in both of my shoulders due to an accident and wrong way of doing exercises. Thanks for the nfo.

  3. Mariel S

    After a car accident, I had hip, knee, neck pain and in my fingers, forearm, up to the elbow all in the right part of my body I got to fix them all ( I'm a PT I have basic knowledge of the human body). The pain close to elbow may be the Ulna or a… deep muscle or both?. Great video thanks very much!

  4. Andrés E

    Great video. Sadly I have hips prothesis so I can't do this…..😑

  5. Daniel Wilson

    Added to my favorite videos. I currently have numb putter toes on my left side, almost can't walk or walk as I'm an electrician. Hoping these exercises will help! Shame you don't have more subs or views. One of the bet videos I've found yet!

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