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  1. Charlie Mätur

    Thanks so much I couldn’t walk or
    Nice and it was so painful but I did Thai for three days and along with tiger cream I now am almost 90% recorrer and can actually walk and function

  2. Pacer Dave

    Good video

  3. C M

    It is kind of cobra position in yoga…

  4. The Gutierrez Family

    Omg this works it is awesome

  5. aliceyadira

    I have suffered from CRPS ( 7wow.cc/06qb ) which is where the brain basically short circuits and builds up a permenant pathway such that part of the body is constantly in pain for 9 years. Wanted to come off morphine, tramadol and a whole raft of medication. Was unable to relax enough to practice the mindfullness exercises until I found this. Listened to this every night for a month and now off morphine and cut back on the tramadol.?

  6. Tim Sweeney

    Marty one thing that helps me is my inversion table. And you don't have to spend $600 on one from that Tweeter guy on tv. I got a nice inversion table from Costco online with heat and massage for $199.00 I can invert after exercising and I can hear and feel that little cracking sound as my spine snaps back into place. Like going to the Chiropractor only I don't have to spend 3 hours in traffic and it's free at home. It only takes about one minute.

  7. Over Thetop

    I’ve had lower middle back pain for 43 years believe me it is not a good sign!

  8. Matty Fusaro


  9. Icy Icy

    I have heard this is how the old Romans treated sciatica. Worked for me. Raise the foot of bed about eighteen inches secure your feet to foot of bed This stretch if you do it long enough will heal sciatica use crutches to get around

  10. World Wide United

    didn't think bending backwards would help but it did, thanks..

    i'm fine moving around but ache when sitting down (ie. at computer or driving)
    never had back problems but caught myself from falling and threw something out. hasn't been right since

  11. Ely hernandez

    I don’t have this but I enjoy the video💪🏻

  12. Md. Shadek

    Exercise is very fine

  13. sbsizz sss

    Didn't work I went to hospital

  14. James Beaulieu

    Great Job!!!!

  15. SaturnH0taru

    This legs treatment solution “fetching myma space” (Google it) is magnificent! After 10 years of concealing my legs from the open public, I was able to display it for the first time when I went swimming. I am now proud of them, and very happy to display my legs off to anybody who wants a look!.

  16. Nabaraj Khadka

    good sir नेपाल

  17. isaac tapia

    After leaning back and pushing my lower back up and in quickly it popped Around The L4 L3 and now I can do these again Sweet relief! Bikes wrecks are brutal

  18. Angelfox Studio

    Thank you for this video

  19. Pauline Landry

    This particular back problems guidebook is actually a treasure, hunt for Google "fonon fetching site". My critical chronic back pain had been cured because of it. I had been able to position well in my side or back, relieving some of the spasms..

  20. Henrietta Bernard

    My back really feels stiff and painful. In my attempt to get a remedy in my trouble, I have used several suggestions but to no avail, nobody have been competent to help. Having said that, making use of this particular back pain guidebook, "Kemzαnο Loni" (Google it), was able to take care of my back tightness significantly. It is quite cozy. You should try this guidebook too!. .

  21. Ginger Bell

    This back discomfort guidebook known as “Kemzαnο Loni” (Google it) has cured by back problems. This has been the only guidebook that worked of all the some other guidelines I`ve used. I didn`t assume my back would be so much better. This may be only the ultimate solution to my issue!. .

  22. James Lopez

    Just to add further, McKenzie recommends that you start with exercise 1, and do the exercises every 2 hours, 8 to 10 times a day. After you can perform exercise 1 relatively pain free, then add exercise 2, so now your doing exercise 1 followed by exercise 2, every 2 hour 8 to 10 times a day, repeat for exercises 3, etc. McKenzie consists of 7 exercises in total, the 3 described in this video are known as extension, there is 1 more extension, and 3 flexion exercises total. As the man in the video states, do your research. I've been practicing the McKenzie method for over 25 years, and if followed carefully, it really works.

  23. Nameless Funny

    It is a magic thanks 🙏

  24. Sharron Wynn

    I`ve searched for a back discomfort solution for few months and also this back discomfort guideline, "fonon fetching site" (Google it) suits me flawlessly. Absolutely aids in back pain during sleep. I really like this guideline. This is just what I had been looking for..

  25. Tamara Weiss

    This back pain guidebook is actually a treasure, hunt for Google "fonon fetching site". It substantially relieved my serious back pain brought on by a recent injury. But it will help me to set on my side or back that will help reduce several of the spasms. ..

  26. Claudette Good

    I have looked for a back ache solution for few months and this back discomfort guide, "Kemzαnο Loni" (Google it) suits me beautifully. I could now rest without experiencing that pain in my back. I like this particular guide. This is just what I was seeking.. .

  27. Florence Wilkinson

    My back has been much better since I employed this back pain guide, "Kemzαnο Loni" (Google it). That`s truly a great deal for me because I have been working with many, several guides as well as my back still very painful right after each a different one. I had been shocked my back was better. This may be just the greatest answer to my trouble!. .

  28. Shannon Huffman

    This particular back discomfort guide book certainly amazes me, hunt for Google "fonon fetching site". Usually, the particular alignment of my knees, hips and also back is retained due to this. As I get up every morning, I seriously don`t feel ache any longer. The situation of my knees has extremely improved ever since I started employing this..

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