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  1. Yaacov

    Mucho Stretches

  2. Cherie Washington

    This is awesome! I've been in pain (lower back) for months now as a result of a gym injury. I'm going to start these stretching exercises right away. Also, thank you for educating while teaching! God bless you!!

  3. M H

    Is vitamin D deficiency associated with this?


    Thanks I really do appreciate the time you put in to help all of us💖💖💖💖😉💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  5. Shadow Boxer

    I was a roofer for 8 or 9 years, then I escaped into the stone trade. Over 30 years there. I have 0 back pain, and my knees are quite workable. I ride my bike daily, in my mid 60's. It's 3 or 4 things to copy my result. Diet (no alcohol), lots of sleep, body mechanics (knowing the correct way to use your body), and a few exercises like these, one of which will remain my secret weapon. I have told people, but not here. YouTube is not the place for it.

  6. Debbie Kent

    My teeter hang-up helps me

  7. faseeh Inamdar

    Sir you really deserve 10 million subscribers

  8. faseeh Inamdar

    Sir you are great doctor I ve ever seen in my life and thank u for your such informative videos

  9. J D

    then what is it when it hurts to lean forward? I can't even wash my face at times! Shooting pain, lower back feels like about to break in half, and about to fall down (I have bulging L5, chronic SI joint and psoas pain)

  10. Ginger

    Are you single?? lol You're amazing! <3

  11. Alpha Fenikz

    Thank you!!

  12. Nazia Mir

    This man is angel for me 🇵🇰🌹💐👍💯

  13. Collette who'sthatgirl

    Baddddddddddddd back pain!!!! Can only stand 2-3 minutes!! Plz help!! They said inflamed muscles…xray was done, no bone or disk probs they said…. plz help, it's ruined my life!!!

  14. campodonico7


  15. PortCanon

    20:14 She’ll get that oven open eventually.
    Love the content, doc 😊

  16. Theda Ways

    So grateful for this sequence. I won’t be able to do them all right now, am going to go slow and increase gradually. Recovering from multiple pelvic and sacrum fractures and herniated L3 L5, Thank you for all you do Doc 🙏

  17. MrRataj04

    great information, maybe the doctor knows how to deal with psoriasis I know everyone is different but ointments are probably not the solution

  18. Maria Boonen

    740. Thank you dr. For sharing .

  19. Barry Meyer

    Most people might be lying @5:51 in your video you say leaning forward cannot cause pain my L4-L5 were both in 4 pieced each one pushing into liver another into my bladder the worst one was severing my spinal cord ohh did it hurt when i bent forward you make an intelligent statement that everyone is different then you throw me under the bus i was denied my disability for a serious injury because of a dr with the same thoughts took over 2 years and lived on all my retirement because it was impossible but yet i walked in the surgeons office with them asking how ,because the pain should be unbearable because of thinking like that! i'm broke not only did i suffer but my family suffered ,so don't be close minded , yes my case is unusual but i worked my butt off 2 jobs and an engineering degree , please don't label us as dishonest dr that denied me disability did wouldn't even give me an MRI ty for your time, i'm truly a fan of your videos please continue !

  20. Anshu Kar

    Your the most honest YouTuber..in the health space.. appreciate your support doc

  21. MsKayy

    Would sciatic nerve pain also cause pain itching and burning down both legs thighs pelvis and buttocks? I’ve been to every doctor I can think of and no one knows what’s wrong . I was told that the nerves from my buttocks and thigh won’t cause pain in my pelvis area. Please help Doctor 🙏

  22. Steve Britton

    It's not structural at all… In about 95% of the cases…

  23. Steve Britton

    sorry mr. Mandell I like your shows but you're totally wrong here it's called oxygen deprivation the brain take some oxygen out of a muscle in your lower back to cause a distraction so you don't hurt the brain by worrying about your girlfriend or your rent it's called TMS contact me and I'll give you the right information..

  24. Zahra ruun

    Tnx so much for this

  25. Rajaa Dawood

    You are right Dr Mandell 👍 it’s very painful, my sister suffered a lot from her lower back disc problems and her doctor ask her to make operation which she refused, so he asked her to use the wheelchair instead of practicing your amazing stretches and techniques you are giving here that I’m going to share them to my sister✌️ God bless you 🙏🌷🌿💕

  26. coolnegative

    This is great. I can't get a back surgeon to touch me. I'm glad there's many to try as my range of motion is almost nil. So tired of hurting and not being able to do simple tasks without it ending in tears of pain. I can't even sit very long without it causing pain.

  27. gauranga1008

    Hare Krishna to you Dr. Mandell !

  28. Keely Norton

    Thank you Dr Mandel I’ve been having a tingly feeling on my right side especially when I bend forward so I’m hoping that these exercises will help bless you you’re the best x

  29. Trist marley

    @motivational… I was told by my nurse practitioner I was arthritis somewhere near my pelvis. I don’t believe I have arthritis,I was having pain in my right thigh and that’s why she said that lol. Could you do a video about arthritis and inflammation. In flammation is what I believe I have. I was doing exercises for a tailbone fracture and that’s when my right thigh started hurting

  30. Ann DeLibero

    Thank you having lower back pain. I will be trying these exercises. God bless you.

  31. Saba Masroor

    I'm suffering from back pain. It's so good information. Thank you do much dr.👏👏👏

  32. Adriana Ionescu

    Thank you, Dr. Mandell! 💜🙏💚

  33. Kathryn Willette

    Such GREAT information! I’ve had chronic lower back pain and leg aches since childhood, and I’m 64. I’ve been aware of the Mac Kenzie Method for quite a long time but wasn’t sure if it was outdated or not (That’s one of the reasons I like Toyotas!). I’m glad to know that my yoga stretches and routines are still ok, especially because they feel great! But, some doctors, chiropractors, NUUCA chiropractors, athletes, trainers (never had one, but know some), tell you different things. I trust you the most!
    You’ve helped me remember some great back and leg stretches, and find new positions especially to relieve the lower back compression and get relief for the leg aches I get.I always want to share this info, but some people are very resistant. I’ll keep trying!
    Thank you so very much for sharing your extensive knowledge, compassion and positivity!! 🙏🙏🙏💕💕💕💕💕

  34. Kenneth White

    Thank you, Dr. Mandell. I have been suffering from lower back pain (Sciatic) for many years, have been to see many chiropractors, orthopedics, and neurologists and honestly the last chiropractor I visited was the best, he had me on spinal decompression with physical therapy that made a significant difference in my lower back pain which for the most part the physical therapy was the same as the vlog you have provided. I have reached a plateau and think I will run through these stretches again to find others to help my lower back and get my hamstrings to loosen up again. I do have problems with twisting my lower back it seems to have a negative effect and makes my pain more intense for several days afterward. Thanks again for this great information you share.

  35. Olwyn N

    Thanks doc. Been struggling with this for a fortnight. I overdid exercise a couple of weeks ago. Pulled hamstring, bulge in buttock, pain down outside of thigh to knee…ang groin pain. Having trouble walking straight. Thanks for exercises. Appreciate the time you took to make this post. 😎🇦🇺💖

  36. milad behdarvand

    Hi sir.for 4days I suffer from back pain .Today you saved me dr.God bless you ❤️💖💝🌹

  37. Anshu Agarwal

    Thank you sir… I hope… It will fix my broken back.

  38. Ogre971

    Thanks a lot doc

  39. Al Karim

    Very informative as always sir. I really appreciate your honesty. By the way I’ve suffering from buttock pain when sitting after a car accident but I’m very much mobil pain free, however my chiropractor wanted to send to pain management for shot after I refused a surgery ! By the way he didn’t even touch me or evaluate me, I went back to him and brought up the issue after I got evaluated from spine surgeon who said my pain is due to piriformes syndrome not spine issue. Thank you again very much Dr Mandel.

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